How to Send an Email

 QL_parent_E-mail To access your email account, click on Quick Launch on the Frog Bar and click Email.
A new tab will open up in your browser showing your Yes mailbox. You are now ready to start sending and receiving emails straight away.
To send an email, click the Compose button.
Enter the email address of the person you want to send an email to. You can add multiple email addresses if required.
Enter the subject of your email in the Subject text box.
Type the text for your email in the large text box below. Use the formatting tools above to change the font, colour, justification etc.
 Email014 When finished click on the Send button to send the email.
 Email016 Your email folders are located down the left hand side. When you receive a new email the number alongside your inbox will change. This indicates how many unread emails you have.


 Email018 Once you have clicked on an email the number will go down.
When you have finished using your Yes mail, please remember to sign out of your account. You can switch back to using the Frog VLE at any time by clicking on the Frog OS browser tab.
Note: After using Email, it is especially important to remember to logout out of your Frog VLE once you have finished your session.

How to Access Your Email

Bagaimana Mengakses E-mel Anda

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