Overview of the Frog VLE

This section will walk you through the main work areas of your VLE. Links to these areas can be found under Applications in the FrogDrive.
To access the FrogDrive, click on the FrogDrive icon in the Frog Bar.
And then click on Applications.
image003 FrogStore-Header

Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.

Apple has the App Store, and Frog has the FrogStore! The FrogStore is the world’s first online teaching & learning marketplace giving seamless access to ‘best in class’ education content, products and services to enhance every child’s learning journey.
The FrogStore is available to teachers, students and parents directly through their Frog VLE. All users can also access the FrogStore via the YES 1BestariNet Portal (www.yes.my) or via the FrogAsia website (frogasia.com). Content obtained by parents through the FrogStore can be gifted to a child and assimilated into the VLE automatically for your child to start using in their school.
The FrogStore brings the very best in digital educational content into one searchable on-line portal. Browse through our library of hundreds of digital books; adding those that you want to read to your Bookshelf. Make your sites even more exciting and engaging by searching our extensive video and image libraries for the most cutting-edge multimedia content. So, why spend hours searching the internet for the latest educational content when you can just search the FrogStore?


Available to: Teachers, Students (recipient view) and Frog Admin.

An assignment is a piece of homework sent to you by your teacher via the Frog VLE. When an assignment is issued by your teacher, you will receive a message in your notifications panel. You can keep a track of all your assignments in the Assignments application. Here you can view all assignments that your teachers have issued to you and see at a glance the progress of each one. There is an option to send a message directly to your teacher if you have a question about an assignment.


Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.

The Bookshelf allows all users to view their digital books provided through the FrogStore. The Bookshelf not only allows the storage of digital books but also contains a digital book reader.
Books appear on your Bookshelf in the order that they were added, with the most recently added books appearing at the top left of the shelf. When a Book from the FrogStore is added the Bookshelf will update to reflect the new addition, existing books will be moved to the right. If your current shelf is full, a new shelf will appear below when another book is added.


Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.

This is your personal Calendar that allows you to keep track of all your events and appointments. Your calendar is private by default although it can be shared with others when required.
Extra calendars can be created and shared either publicly or privately. These can be colour coded to make identification easier. These may be for co-curricular activities or special events. Additional information may be attached to events and bookings such as location, invitees and notes.

Departmental Sites

Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.

Each department has its own Departmental Site. The main department page has an area to display a welcome notice, main organisational chart, exam results, and notices. Inside are the related subject sites. This is where you can find information relating to a specific subject. These might contain curriculum information, image galleries, videos, teachers profile pages, exam revision guides, past papers etc.


Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.

Every user that has a Frog VLE account has access to email. Emails can be sent and received to other users, not only within your school but to anywhere else in the world. Your email address is the same as the login name (your Yes ID) used to log into the VLE.


Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.

The Forums area displays the School Forum. This is a forum for the whole school and is visible by both teachers and students.
Discussion forums can be created for group discussions regarding school specific topics, allowing you to add your own views and see other forum users’ contributions.

Google Drive

Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.

With Google Drive, everything you need for word processing and file storage is now 100% web-based, backed up securely for your peace of mind. Everything is saved in the cloud enabling real-time sharing, collaboration and communication on any device, wherever you are, courtesy of our partnership with Google.
Google Drive now incorporates Google Docs, a suite of productivity applications that offer collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

Learn Centre

Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.

The Learn Centre has been designed to help you get the most out of your Frog VLE. Whether you are a teacher, student or a parent the Learn Centre contains help guides, videos and tutorials to get you using your Frog VLE quickly and efficiently.

Learning Styles

Available to:  Students

The Learning Styles application allows you to find out your preferred learning style; Visual (seeing), Auditory (listening) or Kinaesthetic (hands on) based on your response to a series of questions. Once you have taken the test, your preferred learning style will then be visible to your teachers.
Learning Styles theory dictates that everyone has a preferred way of absorbing information. Some learn better by seeing, some by listening and others by actually doing. The Learning Styles application can help you to identify your preferred Learning Style. Once a learning style has been identified, your teachers can then maximize it to enhance your education. It is important to remember that no one learning style is better than the others; it is all about what works best for you.


Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.

In Preferences you can change the basic settings of the VLE. The options are:
  • Language: This allows you to change the VLE into either English or Bahasa Melayu.
  • My Background: Choose from a predefined list of images as your VLE background or upload your own images.
  • Change Password: Change your Frog VLE password here.

School Dashboard

Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.

The School Dashboard displays notices and information vital to the smooth running of the school. Here you can view noticeboards, images, videos and download important files.
It also contains an MoE RSS feed to keep you informed of any education news or information that is of interest to schools and teachers. This feed also displays regional JPN/PPD RSS feeds.
Note: The School Dashboard is managed by the Frog Admin.


Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.

Discover is a quick search tool for content. It pulls content from My Library (after it is added through the FrogStore) as well as from the Internet (through Flickr and YouTube).
Discover can be accessed either from the Quick Launch menu or from within several Widgets within the Frog platform. These include the Media, Link to File and the External Link Widgets. Discover can also be accessed when adding media items to a quiz such as images and videos.

My Dashboard

Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.

My Dashboard is the first page you are presented with upon logging into the VLE. It may be customised to show your school calendar, RSS feeds, or notifications. You may also add personal content such as photographs, videos or links to your favourite websites.  How these are displayed is up to you. Use the Widgets to change the look and content of your Dashboard whenever and however you like.


Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.

Sites are pages or groups of pages that have been created inside the Frog VLE. They can be tagged with keywords to allow them to be located quickly and easily or to aid categorisation.
Sites that have been tagged with a specific subject name i.e. English; will appear under Academic Sites. Sites tagged as co-curricular activities such as clubs and trips will appear in the Non-Academic Sites section. The Other Sites section contains all Sites that have not been tagged with a specific category or have been tagged with a keyword of ‘other’ that have been shared with you.
As a student, you are unable to create new sites, only a teacher can do this.
Only sites that have been shared to you are visible in the FrogDrive. You may be able to edit a site, but only if the creator of the site has given you permission to do so.

The Pond

Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.

Hop on into The Pond, where the brightest minds gather and where great ideas are sparked and shared. The Pond has been created with students in mind. It is a place where students can jumpstart their Frog experience with tips and ideas on how to get the most out of their VLE.

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