Preferences are the system options that the user has the ability to change themselves. This section with explain how to customise the background of the VLE, how to change your password and how to change the VLE interface language.
All of these options can be found in the Preferences section of the Frog Head Menu on the Frog Bar.

Changing the VLE Language

It is possible to change the language that the Frog VLE is displayed in. You can choose between English (UK) or Bahasa Melayu (BM).
Froghead_MyPreferences_cropped To change the language click on the Frog Head Menu option on the Frog Bar and select My Preferences.
Click the Language drop down menu to select a language.
A message will be displayed informing you that the VLE will be reloaded before applying your language choice.
Frog cannot change a language while applications are running. If applications are currently open a message will be displayed.
To close currently running applications, click on the Application Tray icon in the Frog Bar. Any open applications will be displayed.
htctlap005 Click on the small X in the corner of the application icon to close. Do not close the Preferences application as this contains the Language module.
Click the Apply Language button to change the VLE language.
Your Frog VLE will now reload and display your chosen language.

Changing your Background

It is possible to change the background image of the VLE from a list of existing images or from one that you have uploaded yourself.
The maximum file size that can be used as a background is 10MB, although using a file as large as this is not advisable. Using large files as background images could slow down the Frog VLE due to the amount of data needed to display the image.
Note: Frog supports the following file types:
  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • GIF (.gif)
  • PNG (.png)
Froghead_MyPreferences_cropped Click on the Frog Head Menu option on the Frog Bar and select My Preferences.
Click My Background to view the selection of backgrounds available.
Click on one of the images in the Default backgrounds section to select one of the pre-installed images to use as your Frog desktop.
To choose one of your own images click on the Custom background button. This displays your My Documents folder in the FrogDrive where you can either select an existing image or upload a new image to use.
Note: Images can also be used from the Lesson Resources and School Documents area. To use an image from these areas click on either Lesson Resources or School Documents in the FrogDrive.
To use an existing image in the My Documents area, click on the file and click the Use button.
You will now be returned back to the My Background screen where you now have four options on how your image is displayed:
Centre: Keeps original image dimensions and centres to the screen.
Stretch: Will stretch the image so no background is shown, but dimensions are kept proportional.
Fill: The image will reach its maximum size within the edge of the screen.
Tile: The image will tile to fit the screen using its original dimensions.
Once you have your image and it appears as an image in the Select My Background box, click the X cross in the top left corner of the window to save and close.
Your background image is now saved and ready to use.
To use an image not in your My Documents area of the FrogDrive, you will first need to upload an image to use as a background. To do this click on the Add button and select File from the drop down menu to launch the File Uploader.
Click on the blue Choose Files button to select a file from your computer to upload.
Choose a file from your computer to use as a background image. Click Open to continue.
When your file has finished uploading the status indicator will turn green. Click the Done button to return to the FrogDrive.
Click on the file to be used as a background then click the Use button.
Your background image will now automatically update.

Changing your Password

Froghead_MyPreferences_cropped Click on the Frog Head in the Frog Bar and select My Preferences.XXX
htcyp004_small Click on Change Password.
Click on the Change Password button.
Here you must enter your old password and then your new chosen password. If you can’t remember your old password then you must contact your Frog Administrator.
Note: Passwords must be  between 8 and 16 characters in length and can only contain the following characters ‘A-Z’,’a-z’, ‘0-9’,’+’,’_‘
htcyp010_small Click on the Save button to change your password.

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How to Change Your Password

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