How to Use Learning Styles Report

After logging into Frog as a teacher, click on  Learning Styles Report  in the Quick Launch menu.
learning styles report 1
You will now see a list of all students that have taken the Learning Styles quiz. The results are indicated in the column on the right. Their preferred Learning Style is highlighted in green.

How to Search for a Class

Typing the name of a class into the Search for a class… text box, will list only those students in that class.

Start by typing the whole or part of a class name (upper or lower case) in the search box. To assist you in finding your class, a drop down will appear allowing you to select your class from there.


Only the students in that class will now be listed. To clear the search and revert back to the full list click the X.


How to Use the Search Filter

To begin using the filter feature, click the learning styles report 3 button.

learning styles report 4

You can now type the whole or part of a student’s name (upper or lower case) in the name box which appears below.

learning styles report 5

You must now click on the Filter button to filter the list.

learning styles report 6
Only names which contain the characters specified will be displayed. The more characters you enter the shorter the list will get. The same rules apply when using the User ID filter.
To display the full list again, click learning styles report 7 and then click learning styles report 8 again to update the list.

How to Export a CSV file

To export the list of students in a CSV (comma separated values) file, suitable to be loaded into a spreadsheet, click on the Settings menu and select Export CSV.

learning styles report 9
The file will be saved to your computer to a folder specified in your browser settings.

Introduction to Learning Styles


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