How to Edit Your Dashboard

1 To edit your Dashboard you must first click the Edit button on the left of your screen. This will release the Content Panel.
The Content Panel contains three options tabs. These are:
2 Page – This changes the amount and position of the active container boxes on your page.
2014-08-19_1600 Settings – This allows you to change the name and the theme of your Dashboard.
4 Widgets – Widgets can be dragged into the active container boxes on your page to add content such as text, videos and images.

How to Change the Settings

2014-08-19_1600 In the Content Panel click on the Settings tab.
6 To change the name of your Dashboard, enter the new name in the Name of Site box.
7 To change the Theme of your Dashboard, select a new Theme from the menu by clicking on the small arrow next to the Theme. Once a new Theme is selected this will automatically update the Theme of your Dashboard.

How to Change the Layout

sitessept010 In the Content Panel click on the Page tab.
hteydt006 Choose how many Layout Boxes you wish to include using the numbered buttons. You can choose between 1 and 4 boxes on a page.
hteydt008 Now choose how you would like the Layout boxes to be displayed using the layout buttons. The position of the boxes is shown on each button. Clicking a layout will automatically update your page with the chosen position of Layout Boxes.
Your Dashboard is now ready for content.


11 In the Content Panel click on the Widgets tab.
hteydt011 You will now see all of the Widgets that are available to you. Each Widget is identified by its unique name and icon.
A Widget is an application that allows content to be displayed to the viewer. This is achieved by simply dragging each Widget into a Layout Box on the page and configuring its settings. Multiple Widgets can be used within a page.
It is important to remember that a Widget can only display content that you have asked it to show. For most Widgets you must input the information that you wish it to display before it will show any content.

How to Add a Widget

13 In the Content Panel click on the Widgets tab.
Select a Widget and drag it into an active container box on your Dashboard. Ensure the container is blue before placing the Widget.
Double clicking on the container box where the Widget icon is displayed, displays the settings for the Widget.
Note: Some Widgets may not display any settings when double clicked. This is because there are no user settings available for the Widget.
16 After adding information into the settings panel click the Save Changes button to save your page.
17 To close your Dashboard click on the X button.

How to Edit Your Dashboard


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