Training Resources – December 2013


 Module 1.0 - What is a Mobile ChromeLab

 Modul 1.0 - Apakah itu ChromeLab Mudah Alih

Module 1.1 Overview of the ChromeLab Components

 Modul 1.1 - Pengenalan Komponen ChromeLab

Module 1.2 ChromeLab Use Cases

 Modul 1.2 - Kes-kes Penggunaan ChromeLab

Module 2.0 What is a Chromebook

 Modul 2.0 - Apakah itu Chromebook

Module 2.1 Chromebook Use Cases

 Modul 2.1 - Kes-kes Penggunaan Chromebook

To accompany the above series of training modules, the following resources are also available from the FrogStore.
Digital Books – Look for these in the Books section of the FrogStore, and then add them to your Bookshelf.
Sites – Click here to find out more on how to get these sites from the FrogStore.

Training Resources – October 2013


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