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What are Site Assets?

Any files that you have been working with when building your site are stored within the Site Assets area of your site. Maybe you were going to use an image, video or audio file on your site but changed your mind and decided not to use it. If you imported the file into your site then the file will be stored in the Site Assets area.
The main purpose of the Site Assets library is to store all of the files used within a site. This allows the site to be shared without worrying about individual file permissions. Site Assets also allows a single file to be used multiple times without re-uploading the file again.

How to Use Site Assets

When building a site you may need to use the same video, audio or image file multiple times. Rather than upload the file again you can use Site Assets to locate and use the original file.
To search Site Assets, click on the Edit button on the left of the page.
Then double click on the Media Widget on the page. This will display the Media Widget settings on the left.
Click on the small arrow in the Site Assets panel to view the Site Assets files.
Use the search to locate any files used within your site. If you can see the file you are looking for then simply click on it to embed it in the Media Widget.
Please remember that images and videos obtained using Discover or the FrogStore will not be found in Site Assets as they are links and not files stored in the site itself.
Note: It is no longer possible to delete files from Site Assets.

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