How to Create Your School Calendar

Available to: Frog Admin.

By default your Frog VLE does not contain a School Calendar. This will need to be added before users begin using the VLE. The Frog Admin user is the only user authorised to create and update the School Calendar.
To create a School Calendar click on Quick Launch in the Frog Bar and click Calendar.
With the Calendar open, navigate to the My Calendars section at the bottom left of your screen.
Click on the Add button to add a School Calendar.
After clicking the Add button, you will see the Create Calendar screen.
 CreatingSchCal_4 Type in the name and a description of the School Calendar.


 CreatingSchCal_5 Click on the Calendar Availability drop down menu to select how the calendar is shared. Choose the Public option.


 CreatingSchCal_6 Once you have completed naming the calendar, click on the Create Calendar button.
 CreatingSchCal_7 The new School Calendar will appear in your My Calendars list and in the Other Calendars section for all other users.


How to Create Your School Calendar (Admin)

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