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As the Frog Administrator (Frog Admin) you will be responsible for reporting any issues with your Frog VLE, 4G internet connectivity or Google Chromebooks to the 1BestariNet Helpdesk. Issues may range from no connectivity within your school to an issue with one of the applications or widgets within your Frog VLE.
The Head Teacher of each school will be the primary contact for the 1BestariNet Helpdesk, as well as 3 designated contacts.  These will be the people that will report any issues you are having with Frog.

If you have an issue, the first thing to do is to check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section.

If you can’t find your answer in the FAQ section, there are 3 ways in which you can contact the 1BestariNet Helpdesk:
  • By internet (via the self-service portal)
  • By e-mail
  • By telephone
The following pages will explain how to contact and create a support incident as well as using the self-care portal.

The Self-Care Portal

The first way to contact the 1BestariNet Helpdesk is via the self-care portal.
Not only can you raise incidents here, but you can also check on any outstanding or previous incidents as well as close off any incidents that have been fixed.

To login to the self-care portal please go to:


This will present a login box. Enter your username and password into the boxes to log in.  The username will be your school code and your password will be issued to you via your 1bestarinet email address.  When you first login you will be asked to change your password.
Your password must contain an uppercase letter, a number and a special character.  It must be a minimum of 6 characters long.  The same username and password will be used by the 4 support contacts in the school.
If you forget your password, click on Forgot Password?  For the User Name, enter your school code. For the Email Address, enter the school’s official 1bestarinet email. Clicking on the Submit button will issue a new password to this email address.
Once you have logged in you will see the home screen. This gives you details of any announcements, incidents you have raised and the contacts for your school.


The Announcements area displays important messages from the support desk. In the event of experiencing an issue always check the Announcements area first.
The main menu contains links to the different areas of the portal that you can access.

User Information

Under the User Management tab click on User to view the details of your school.
Click on the school name to view further details of your school.  These details will have been placed in this section for you.
Click on the Contacts tab to see the contact details of the support contacts at your school.
Clicking on the name of the contact displays more details for that contact.


The frequently asked questions (FAQ) area provides information and help for many common issues.
Under the Support tab click on FAQ to view the frequently asked questions.
There are 4 different sections to choose from: Generic, Connectivity, AV & Patches and VLE. Click on a section to view

Creating a Support Ticket

To create a support ticket, click on the Support tab and click Incidents.
You will now see a list of any incidents that you have created and their status.
To create a new incident, click on the Create Incident button.
The User Name: text box automatically inserts the name of your school or establishment.  Check that this is correct before proceeding. If it is not correct please contact the support desk using the telephone number provided.
In the Type: section use the drop down menu to access the different types of enquiries and incidents.
In the Category section use the drop down menu to access the different categories that the enquiry or incident concerns.
The Sub Category: drop down offers a sub category for certain main categories. If a sub category is available, it will appear in the list.
Enter your name into the Reported By: text box. A drop down list will appear underneath. Select your name from the list.
In the Issue: text box, enter a short title for the issue you are experiencing i.e. Unable to log in.
In the Description: text box, enter a description for the issue you are experiencing. Include the following details:
  • The username and password of an affected user.
  • Replication steps for the issue (a step by step overview of how the issue occurred)
  • Browser type (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.)
This will help the support team to start working on your issue immediately. The more information the support team has the easier it will be to resolve the issue for you.
Click the Save button. The incident has now been logged with the support desk. Details of the incident will appear in your Incidents list.

How to add a Screen Capture to your Incident

Sometimes you may need to include a capture of the screen in order to help the support team understand your incident. After you have saved your incident, click on the small arrow located to the left of Documents.
Next, click on the Create button.
Click on the Choose File button.
Select the file to upload and click Open.
Click on the Save button.
Tip: If you do not have screen capture software installed why not try using Jing? Please visit to download a free copy.

Creating a New Contact

When you first log in to the self-care portal only the main contact will appear as a contact. In a school this will usually be the Headteacher.
The main contact can choose 3 people who can contact the support desk. These are the only contacts that the support desk will deal with.
Once decided these contacts need to be entered into the self-care portal. To enter a new contact click on the User Management tab and then click Contacts.
At the Contacts screen click the Create Contact button.
You will now see the Create a New Contact screen.
Enter the details for the new contact.  The details must include the name, telephone number and e-mail address of the new contact.
Once you have entered the details click Save and the contact will now appear in the contact list.


Editing a Contact

Contacts can be edited to update existing information. This may be because a telephone number or e-mail address has changed.
To edit a contact, click on the User Management tab and then click on Contacts.
Click on the name of the contact to be edited.
Click the Edit button to make the contact details editable.
Enter the new details for the contact.
Click the Save button when finished.

Deleting a Contact

Contacts can be deleted when no longer required. This may be because a contact leaves the school or is no longer a Frog Administrator (Frog Admin).

To delete a contact click on the User Management tab and then click Contacts.

Click on the name of the contact to be deleted.
Click the Delete button to permanently delete the contact.
A message will appear asking you to confirm the deletion of the contact (record). Click OK to continue.
The contact has been deleted and will no longer appear in the Contacts List.

Contact by Email

You can also contact the support desk by email. You will need to enter all the details of the issue in the e-mail and this will then create an incident for you.
Please remember to put your school code in any emails as this is used to create the incident in the support system.
If our analysts have any questions regarding the e-mail then they will contact you via e-mail or phone to confirm the details. The email address to send the emails to is:

Contact by Telephone

You can contact the support desk by telephone and an analyst will raise an incident for you. You will receive a copy of the incident raised by email.
They will ask you questions regarding the issues you are experiencing, such as the username and password of the user experiencing the problem and what steps are required to replicate the issue. Always have to hand your school code as this is used to identify your school. Calls can be received in both English and BM.
If you wish to report issues with your Frog VLE or with your connectivity then please dial:

018 799 8787

How to Access the Support Channels

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