What is My Child’s Work?

Available to: Parents.

My Child’s Work is an application that allows parents to keep a track of any assignments that have been given to their children via the Frog VLE. Parents can view the date the assignment was issued to their child, the name of the teacher that issued the assignment and the instructions given. The parent can look at the assignment in a view only mode. Only their child can complete the assignment.


How to use My Child’s Work

In order to access the My Childs Work application, you must first log in to the Frog VLE of your child’s school.
Click on Quick Launch in the Frog Bar.
And then click on My Child’s Work.
The Assignments window will appear and the name of your child will be displayed in the top right corner.
To select a different child, click on the name and then chose another one of your children from the list.
The column headers display information about assignments as follows…
Assignment Name – The name of the Assignment given by the teacher.
Subject – The teacher will have given the assignment a subject category.
Issued – The start date of the assignment.
Due – displays the date the teacher has set when the assignment has to be finished by. A date displayed in red indicates your child failed to submit their assignment back to the teacher before this date.
Teacher – The name of the teacher who issued the assignment.
Completed – displays the date your child completed (handed in) their assignment. The assignment cannot be changed once a date appears here.
Overall Mark – If the teacher has issued a mark for your child’s assignment, they will be shown here.
When a teacher decides that an assignment has ended, they can close the assignment. You can view the list of closed assignments by clicking on the Closed tab.
Use the Archived tab to look for older assignments that you child may have done in the past.
If there are many assignments listed, you may want to filter the list making assignments easier to find. To do this, select the filter icon.
To find assignments for a particular subject, select a subject from the drop down list and then click the Filter button.
For the Issued and Due dates, select a start date and then a finish date. For the other boxes, type in just a few characters to define your search. Click the Filter button to display only those assignments specified in your search.
Press the Reset button to return to the full unfiltered list view.
To view the basic instructions for an assignment, click on the blue information icon. If a teacher has issued a comment back to the student, you can see it here.
To view further details including a list of the activities featured in the assignment, click on the assignment name.
To view the Assignment, click on the Open Assignment button.
Note : As a parent, you will only be able to open the assignment in view only mode. Only your child will be able to complete the assignment when they login to the Frog VLE themselves.
To remove the assignment from view, click the X button.
Any individual activities in the assignment can be monitored in the section below. If a mark has been given by the teacher for an activity, they can be seen here.
To view the Text Activity submitted by your child, double click on the file icon.
To view a document your child has uploaded in the File Drop activity, double click on the file icon.
If it is a file type that your browser cannot display, then you can download the file. The file will be downloaded to an area specified in your browser settings.
The file will now be downloaded onto your computer. Click the file to open it.
Scrolling down to the bottom of this section reveals any comments your child has made back to the teacher in the Self Evaluation section and any comments the teacher has made in the Overall Comments section.
At any time you can return back to the list of assignments by clicking the Open Assignments link.


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