What is My School Address Book?

Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.
My School Address Book helps you keep all your school email addresses right at your fingertips.
Designed to link with your Yes mail, My School Address Book allows you to find and use a person’s email address in seconds.

How to Use My School Address Book

The My School Address Book is located within FrogAcademy.
To launch FrogAcademy, click the Quick Launch icon in the Frog Bar.
And click on Hop In.
Click on Address Book located in the Main Services section.
A new tab will appear in your browser containing your Address Book.
You can change between the list of teachers or students by clicking the option on the left.
Simply click on the name to reveal the email address (YES ID) for that individual which will appear on the right.
You can perform a search of the Name, Form or Class by typing a few characters into one of the search boxes. Only users containing the characters you have typed will be listed.
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