Teaching and Learning with a ChromeLab 

Frog ChromeLab English Lesson- SJKC Choong Wen

 Lesson Plan

Subject : English Language
Class : 6S
Date / Day : 1 October 2013 (Tuesday)
Time : 9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (30 minutes)
Theme : World of knowledge
Topic : An Interview
Focused Skill : Speaking and writing
Integrated Skill : Listening and writing

Curriculum Specification :

– 2.2.1 Ask “Wh” questions to get information.
– 2.5.1 Give details about the people of a story heard or read.
– 4.1.1 Write words, phrases and sentences in clear, legible writing.
– 4.3.2 Construct simple sentences and compound sentences.

Educational Emphasis : MI – Verbal-linguistic, & Interpersonal, LHTL – Cooperating
Moral value : Love, hardworking, appreciation.
Learning Objective : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to…
TS – Predicting

(a) Ask questions with social expression.
(b) Interview someone to get details and information.
(c) Write a report base on the interview session.

Teaching Aids : Chromebook , projector, hangout
Previous Knowledge : The pupils have heard/read about a report.


1. Set induction : To introduce ‘ Two Special Guests ’
: Ask students to give ideas how to interview someone using social expressions.
2. Step 1 : Preparation: watching video clips
: Ask students how to carry out an interview politely.
: Students give question tags
3. Step 2 : Two or three students from each group interview our special guests from FrogAsia, Miss Elizebeth and Miss Arafeh using  ‘Hangout’
4. Step 3 : Students write their report based on the interview session in groups using Frog VLE : ‘Student Champion’ from each group assist their group members and with teacher’s guidance.
5. Production : A student from each group presents their work. : Discussion to check and rectify errors : Students respond to “Wh” questions.

  1. Teacher plays the sample interview video
  2. Teacher shares the interview skill Frog Site with students and divide students to group of 4
  3. Groups work on Google doc and type in their interview questions
  4. Connect to interviewees on Hangout
  5. Each group ask their interview question and type in their answers in the Google doc document

(Session ends)

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