What is a ChromeLab?


A ChromeLab is a mobile learning lab that gives teachers and students an online teaching and learning experience in schools. By using the ChromeLab, teaching and learning becomes much more interesting via use of the latest technology which comprises of the Yes Chromebook and 4G internet.
Unlike computer labs in the past, which were usually in a fixed location, the ChromeLab is portable. Based on a portable trolley design, the entire lab can be transferred between classrooms making it a much more flexible solution.
With the ChromeLab, teachers can teach creatively while the students are able to utilise the latest technology into their learning. They can also access vast global educational resources using their 1BestariNet Yes ID, through the Frog VLE, Google Apps for Education etc.
In line with the Ministry of Education and YTL’s vision to transform learning in Malaysia, schools across the country are being equipped with ChromeLab under the 1BestariNet program.
What is in the ChromeLab?

Each ChromeLab consists of a Chromebook Cart, 41 Chromebooks, Yes Super Zoom, Access Point, Cache Server and a Cloud Printer. The lab also comes with a portable box.

The details of the ChromeLab equipment are as follows:

1.     Chromebook Cart
The Chromebook Cart is a wheeled cart that provides secure storage of the Chromebooks, Super Zoom, Access Point and Cache Server. The Chromebook cart can be connected to a standard 13 Amp power socket to power all devices in the lab including Chromebook charging.
The Chromebook Cart is designed to be moved easily between rooms. Because of its size and weight, it is not designed to be transferred from one floor to another. A portable box is supplied which can carry the Cache Server, Access Point and Super Zoom should you wish to do this.
2.    Chromebooks
Each ChromeLab is equipped with 41 Chromebooks. The Chromebook is a new type of computing device that makes learning with technology easier, faster and simple!
It runs on the Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS), which is a Chrome browser based system that has multiple layers of security and built-in cloud storage.
The device gives teachers and students fast access to the web’s vast global education and collaboration resources and has the following advantages:
3.    Yes Super Zoom 
The ChromeLab comes with a Yes Super Zoom. It is a plug and play device that provides the Lab with high-speed 4G Internet connectivity.
4.    Wireless Access Point
The Wireless Access Point provides WiFi Internet connection for the Chromebooks. It supports up to 42 simultaneous connections for each ChromeLab.
5.    Cache Server
The Cache Server reduces the usage amount of internet bandwidth when browsing videos, learning apps or any web-based resources. For example, if a whole class wants to access an online video, the Cache Server will cache the resource in order to reduce the bandwidth consumptions and to speed up the loading time.
6.    Cloud Printer
A Cloud Printer is provided with every ChromeLab and it is connected via the Access Point. The printer allows teachers to print from a Chromebook through Google Cloud Print technology.
7.    Portable Box
The Portable Box is used to transfer the Super Zoom, Cache Server and Access Point to any classroom that is located on a different floor. The students can help their teachers to carry the Chromebooks to the desired location.
How is the ChromeLab used?
The ChromeLab provides the teachers and students with great benefits and make the learning and teaching experience more interesting and fun. The facility can transform a normal classroom into a fully functional computer lab!
The ChromeLab can be added as a resource into the schools Frog VLE (Booking Calendar). As it is portable, it can easily be relocated to the classroom to fit in with a teacher’s timetable requirements.
The ChromeLab does not have to be used only when teaching in lesson time; as the lab can be up and running in minutes, it can also be used at lunchtimes, after school etc.

The ChromeLab can also be used …

As a Research Library – Instead if visiting the traditional library, the ChromeLab accesses a world of knowledge and information via the internet.

For Meetings – The benefit of holding a meeting at a ChromeLab is that delegates do not have to bring their own laptops. Anyone can just grab a ready charged Chromebook and log in.

Homework Club – With the introduction of the Frog VLE, today more homework is given to students online. The ChromeLab is ideal for ensuring students who do not have internet access at home are given equal opportunity.

Co-Curricular Club – Examples are School Magazine, On-line chess, English creative writing.

Field Activities – Not restricted to the classroom, the Chromebooks can be taken out on sports days, field study days etc.

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