How to Use the Random Name Widget

First you need to drag the widget onto a page. This can be in a site or it can be on your Dashboard.
Next you need to specify a Group from which the widget will select the names from.

Start typing in a group name, suggested groups will appear as you type. Select the group you want use from the menu that appears below.


Note: If you don’t know any groups you may need to create a group first. Only Frog Admin users can create groups.


Click on Save Changes to ensure your page is saved.


Click on X to close the Editor.


Now you are ready to select a random name from the group. Click on the Randomise button to start spinning through the names.


After about 4 seconds the spinning will stop, the lights around the border will flash and the chosen name revealed.

If there is more than one person in the group with the same name, it is possible to identify which one was selected by hovering your cursor over the name which will reveal the YesID/username of that individual.
Click the Randomise button again to select a new name. Please note, it is possible that the same name will be displayed again.

To choose a different group, click on the arrow button to enter a new group name.


The widget is now reset ready for you to type in a new group.

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