Welcome to your Frog VLE!

Welcome to Frog! Your Frog Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) has been designed and developed specifically for schools using a wide array of modern technology. The Frog VLE provides a simple, fun and engaging platform to enhance teaching and learning.


The Frog Interface

The user interface provides easy access to the many features and applications of your Frog VLE. The Interface provides different user options whether being viewed by a teacher, student, administrator or parent. This guide is based upon a parent login and so may include tools and features not available to other users.
This section will give a brief overview of the Frog VLE interface.

Frog Bar

The Frog Bar is a fixed area at the top of the VLE. This links to the various user tools and menus within the Frog VLE. The Frog Bar is always displayed.
Working from left to right, the Frog Bar consists of the following elements:

Frog Head Menu

The Frog Head Menu provides quick access to the System Options. By default it contains:
My Preferences: Here you can change the basic settings of the VLE. The options are:
  • Language: This allows you to change the VLE into either English or Bahasa Melayu language.
  • Change Password: Change your Frog VLE password here.
About Us: Here you can view the terms and conditions for using the Frog VLE and also contact details for general enquiries.
Log Out: Logs you out of the VLE after use.

Application Title Context Menu

The Application Title Context Menu provides a visual indicator of where you are in the VLE. When navigating around the VLE the text will change to display your current location.

Dashboard Selector

Clicking on the left and right arrows allows you to select between your Parent Noticeboard and the School Dashboard.
The Parent Noticeboard displays information just for parents. This is where you should look for useful information published by your child’s teachers. These may include such things as notices for parents, PIBG information and homework/exam timetables. Only parents can see the parent noticeboard.


The School Dashboard displays notices and information relating to your particular child’s school. Each school has their own unique dashboard. This is where you should look to find out about school events, school notices and general information about the school. Parents, students and teachers all see the same school dashboard.



Clicking the Home icon returns you to the Dashboard (either Parent or school). Clicking the Home icon again will display any windows that were previously open.

Quick Launch

The Quick Launch icon displays the Quick Launch menu. From here you can select which applications to launch.

Application Tray

The Application Tray allows you to quickly switch between Applications that you have opened.

On clicking the Application Tray button, any currently running Application will be displayed in the tray. Clicking on the icon of an Application will bring it into focus. Clicking on the X of an Application will close it and remove it from the Application Tray.



A number displayed next to this icon indicates you have unread messages. Clicking the icon will display any unread messages that have been sent to you.
Once you have read the message you can remove it from the list by clicking the X next to the message.

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