My Preferences

This section explains how to change your password and how to change the VLE interface language.
These options can be found in the My Preferences section of the Frog Head Menu on the Frog Bar.

How to Change the Language

It is possible to change the language that the Frog VLE is displayed in. You can choose between English (UK) or Bahasa Melayu (BM).
  htctlap001 To change the language click on the Frog Head Menu option on the Frog Bar and select My Preferences.
Click the Language drop down menu to select a language.
A message will be displayed informing you that the VLE will be reloaded before applying your language choice.
Frog cannot change a language while applications are running. If applications are currently open a message will be displayed.
Close each application that is open by clicking on the cross on the top left corner of each application window.
  ChgLanguage_7 When all applications are closed, click the Apply Language button to change the VLE language.
Your Frog VLE will now reload and display in your chosen language.

How to Change your Password

htctlap001 Click on the Frog Head in the Frog Bar and select My Preferences.
Click on Change Password.
Click on the Change Password button.
Here you must enter your old password and then your new chosen password.
htctlap010 Note: Passwords must be  between 8 and 16 characters in length and can only contain the following characters ‘A-Z’,’a-z’, ‘0-9’,’+’,’_‘
htctlap011 Click on the Save button to change your password.

How to Change the Language

How to Change Your Password

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