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How to Use Site Transfer Tool
What is Pinboard?
How to Use Pinboard inside Discover
How to Use the Pinboard in the Content Panel
What is Site Duplication?
How to Duplicate a Site in FrogDrive
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How to Share a Site
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How to Use Site Assets
What is Site Management?

How to Use Site Tranfer Tool

The Site Transfer Tool is an application within the FrogVLE that allows you to import your sites from one VLE instance to another.
. In the event that you change schools or are transferred to another school, you will be able to import your sites from your previous VLE instance to your current VLE instance. To access the Transfer Tool, go to FrogDrive > Applications.

Enter School URL

To fetch your Sites from your previous school, enter the school URL for your previous school’s Frog VLE instance.
If you’ve forgotten your school URL, go to http://1bestarinet.net/?page_id=741 to retrieve it.

Select Sites & Import

Upon entering the correct school URL, you will be able to view your list of sites in the following screen.
Click on the topmost SiteTransfer4 icon to Select All or select only the Sites you want. You can also search for specific sites using the search bar on the top right corner.
Click the SiteTransfer4 icon next to the site names to only import selected sites.
Click SiteTransfer6 to proceed. Your transfer will begin shortly. You will receive a Frog VLE notification whenever a Site has been imported.
To access your imported Sites, go to My Sites.

What is Pinboard?

When selecting a video or image from Discover, you can choose to ‘Pinit’ to your Pinboard as an alternative to clicking the Use button. Clicking the Pin It button will add the selected item to your Pinboard for later use. This is useful if you want to try multiple videos or images before deciding which to use. There are two areas where you can view your Pinboard, one in the Discover window and the other in the Settings area in the Content Panel.

How to Use Pinboard Inside Discover

Click on the Pinboard button to view the contents.
wip003 Any images and videos that have been pinned will be listed here.
wip004 You may want to delete some of the item listed. To do this, click the Edit button.
wip005 Select the items you want to delete by clicking on the checkbox to the right of the icon and then click the Clear selected button.
wip006 To delete all the items in the list, click the Clear all button.
wip007 After deleting your items, click the Done button.
wip008 When you have finished editing the list, click the Pinboard button.

How to Use Pinboard in the Content Panel

wip009 Click on the arrow on the Pinboard tab to view the contents.
PinBoard_ClickPreview The pinned items (if any) will be listed here. To preview an item, click on the image.
PinBoard_UsePreview Click on the Use button to use the item in your site.
PinBoard_ClickText To select an item for use in the Media Widget, click on the text description (not the picture) of the item you wish to use.

How to Share a Site

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How to Use Favourites

How to Use Tagging

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