What is Agreement Report?

Available to: Frog Admin
The Agreement Report application allows the Frog Admin user to view which uses of the Frog VLE have accepted the Frog Acceptable Use Agreement and Personal Data Protection Policy.
To access the Agreement Report application, click the Resource Manager on the Frog Bar.
In the Resource Manager window, click on Applications.
Double click on the Agreement Report application Icon.

How to Use Agreement Report

In order for a user to access the Frog VLE they must first agree to the Frog Acceptable Use Agreement and Personal Data Protection Policy. Each user is presented with these items the first time they log in. (Should the agreement or policy be updated at any time, users will need to accept them again)
The Agreement Report displays a list of all users on the school’s Frog VLE. The AUP/DDP (Acceptable Use Agreement / Personal Data Protection Policy) column displays the status for each user.

Indicates the user has ticked the box and accepted the AUP&DDP when prompted to do so when they logged into the VLE. The Date and Time the user clicked to accept will also be displayed here.


Indicates the user has not accepted the agreement. This could mean they either chose not to accept and therefore were declined from logging in, or simply that have not yet tried to login to the VLE.

How to Reorder by Column


It is possible to reorder the list by clicking on the column header. This is useful, for example, if you wish to view the users who have accepted, being displayed at the beginning of the list (AUP/DPP).
Clicking the header again will reverse the order. Any column name that displays a small arrow when you hover over it can be ordered in this way.

How to Search for Individual Users

To search for an individual user, type the whole or part of a user’s name (upper or lower case) in the name box. As you type, the list of names will be filtered down, the more characters you type the smaller the list will get. Names will be listed if the characters are found anywhere within the name.
To clear your search, simply click on the cross.

How to Export a CSV File

To export the list of students in a CSV (comma separated values) file, suitable to be loaded into a spreadsheet, click on the Actions menu and select Export CSV.
The file will be saved to your computer to a folder specified in your browser settings.
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