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What are Site Templates?

A site Template is a site that has been tagged as a Template and appears in the Templates area of the FrogDrive. Site templates are displayed in orange.
Site templates are a great way of re-using a site with a particular structure for you, or others, to begin adding further content.
Remember, after creating a site template, just like any site, you will need to share it before it is visible to other users. You should share it with Can edit & manage to enable users to add content to it.
To create a site template, the category tag must be set to Template. This can be done when creating the site.

How to Create a New Site Template

 CreateSiteTemplate_1 To create a new template, Click the FrogDrive icon in the Frog Bar. This will open the FrogDrive.

Click on Sites in the left hand column.


Click on the New Site button.


Give your site a name and a description.

 CreateSiteTemplate_5 Click the Next button to continue.

Select a theme and Icon and click the Next button.


Add tags as required. Finally, check the Set this site as a template checkbox.

 CreateSiteTemplate_8 Click Create Site to create the site template.
Your site template will now be displayed.
You can now start making changes to your site template. Remember, anything you add to the site will appear on the template.

How to Convert a Site to a Template

To convert an existing site into a site template, click on the FrogDrive Icon in the Frog Bar.

Click Sites in the FrogDrive menu.


Double click on the site to be converted.

 ConvSite2SiteTempl_4 The site will now open. Click on the Edit button on the left.

In the Content Panel, scroll down to the bottom to access the template checkbox.

 ConvSite2SiteTempl_6 Check the Set this site as a template checkbox.
 ConvSite2SiteTempl_7 Click on Save Changes button.
 ConvSite2SiteTempl_8 Click the X button to close.

The site will now appear in the Templates area of the FrogDrive.

How to Share a Site Template

In order for others to be able to use your template, you need to share it. Click on the Share button in the Frog Bar.

Click on the Share icon.


Click the Next button.


In the ‘Who has access’ box, type in the name of the individual user or group that you would like to share the template with. Click on the name when it appears in the drop down list.


Select the name and click the Add button to add it to the list underneath.

 SharingSiteTemplate_6 Next, select ‘Can edit & manage’ from the drop down menu on the right.

Keep adding more users or groups to the list as necessary. When complete. Click the Share button.

Your site will now appear in the FrogDrive in the Templates area.
Note: As the owner of the site it will also appear in your My Sites area of the FrogDrive.

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