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How to Send your Site to the MoE Repository

If you have a great site that you have been using in your school then why keep it to yourself? Other schools in Malaysia could benefit enormously from using the site as well. Sharing a site only takes a minute of your time but can make a huge difference to other schools and their students.
Note: Please ensure that all the content within your site is up-to-date and accurate. Remember that content (text and images) that have been used may be subject to copyright restrictions. Please include the correct credits and sources where appropriate before uploading the site.
Click on the FrogDrive icon in the Frog Bar.
Ensure that the My Sites area is selected in the left hand column. Only sites listed in this area can be sent to the MoE Repository.
Click on the site to select it.
Click on the Actions drop down menu and select Send Site to MoE Repository.
You will now be prompted to add tags before sending your site to the MoE Repository. Adding Tags is compulsory in this section.
In the Push to MoE Repository area, use the drop down menu to choose if the site is in the Academic or Non-Academic category.
The options that appear in the next drop down menu will depend on the option you select in the first one. For Academic sites, it will be year groups, and for Non-Academic it will be further categories. Continue making you selections to categories your site.
Click the Add button to add the tags you have selected.
You can keep adding more categories for your site. To do this repeat the process above.
Next, you have the option of adding Keywords associated with the site. This is useful when someone is searching for a site but doesn’t know the name. Try and add words here that are relevant to what a user might type when searching. For example, for a science site we could add ‘liquid’ ‘gas’ ‘solid’ ‘melt’ ‘freeze’ ‘ice’ ‘molecules’ and ‘evaporate’. When a user uses any of these words in their search, the site will be included in the search results.
htsysttmr017 Enter your keywords into the Keywords box. Then, click the Add Keyword button.
Click on the blue OK button. Your site will now be uploaded to the MoE Repository where it will await approval.
Note: Once a site has been sent to the repository, it may take some time before it is approved. Sites are not made visible in search results until they are approved.

How to Get Sites from the FrogStore

Any sites that have been approved by the MoE can be downloaded from the FrogStore and used by your school. It is important to remember that sites downloaded from the FrogStore are stored and managed in the My Library area.
Select Quick Launch in the Frog Bar and click on FrogStore.
In the FrogStore, click on Sites.
Use the drop down menus to help you find the sites most suitable for your needs.
Then click the Go> button to perform a search.
Click the Add button under a site to add it to your Library.
After clicking the Add button a confirmation box will inform you that the site has been added to My Library. Click OK to continue.
The site will now be located in your My Library area. In order for you to start using the site, it first needs copying to your My Sites area.

How to Copy a Site to My Sites

To access the sites in My Library click on the FrogDrive icon in the Frog Bar and select Sites.
Click My Library in the Sites Menu. Any sites added from the FrogStore will be displayed here.
Double click on the site to be copied.
A confirmation box will ask you to confirm that you want to copy the site to My Sites. Click Copy to continue.
After a few seconds, the window will refresh to display the site in My Sites. You are now the owner of the copied site, which means that it can now be edited, duplicated, deleted or have the ownership transferred to another user.
Note: Added sites are managed from the My Library area of the FrogStore. Sites added from the FrogStore must be copied into My Sites before they can be used.

How to Use Tagging

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How to Use Favourites

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