What is My 1BestariNet ID?

Available to: Parents, Frog Admin, Teachers and Students.
Under 1BestariNet, a nationwide project carried out by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and YTL, every parent, student and teacher has been provided with an ID that enables access to a variety of tools that create a more exciting and interesting learning experience.
Your 1BestariNet ID is the username you use to log in to the Frog VLE and ends with @yes.my (this is also known as your Yes ID).
As well as giving you access to the Frog VLE, your 1BestariNet ID gives you these other benefits.
Click to view a presentation explaining what Parents can do with their 1BestariNet ID.

What can Parents do with their 1BestariNet ID?

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Enhance your child’s learning with fun and effective
game-based learning apps on the FrogStore
Keep updated with school happenings via the Parent Dashboard

Keep track of your child’s assignments with the My Child’s Work app

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Integrate your personal e-mail with your ID as every 1BestariNet ID comes with a FREE yesMail account Discover news, updates and tips on how to help your child excel

Purchase Yes credit, Datapacks and devices at exclusive rates

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Access the Hop In portal for all your services,
on a single landing page
Communicate easily with your child’s
teachers and search for their
emails using My Address Book

I forgot my 1Bestarinet password

Teachers, Parents and Admins are able to reset their password provided they have set up their recovery email.

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