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How to Add a Message Wall to a Site
How to Add a New Post to a Wall
How to Comment on an Existing Post
How to Use the Noticeboard widget
What are Site Assets?
How to Use Site Assets
What is Site Management?

What is a Message Wall?

The Wall Widget creates a message wall on your site. Adding a message wall makes it more interesting as it allows people to interact with each other through the Site. It is similar to a discussion forum but unlike a forum does not have the ability to host multiple topics.
A good use of a message wall is when lots of people may want to leave messages on a Site. For example, the school badminton team may be about to compete in an important match and pupils may want to leave a list of good luck messages to motivate the team.

How to Add a Message Wall to a Site

Begin by opening your site in Edit mode. Create a new tab for your Message Wall. This allows the Wall to fill the page and makes it easier to read.
Now drag the Wall Widget onto the page.
To give the Wall a title, double click on the Wall Widget on the page.
In the Wall settings, enter a title into the Wall Title text box. Your title will appear above the message wall on the page.
 admwtas_5 Click the Save Changes button to save your page.
 admwtas_6 To close your site click on the X button.
Note: You must set the sharing option on your site as Can Contribute. This will allow users to contribute to the Wall.

How to Add a New Post to a Wall

To add a new Post to the wall, type your text in the box and then click the Post button.
The Post will now appear underneath the text box.
Notice that each Post is date stamped with the day and time of creation.
Any new messages written to the wall will always be added to the top of the list.
The creator of the site will receive a notification in the Notifications panel each time a user creates a new post.

How to Comment on an Existing Post

Users can comment on an existing post by clicking on the blue Reply link.
Enter your comment into the text box.
Click the Reply button to leave your comment.
Your comment will appear underneath the original Post.
 Reply2post_5 The creator of the original Post will receive a notification in their Notifications panel each time a user comments on their post.
 Reply2post_6 The creator of the site will also receive a notification in the Notifications panel that a Post has been left on their message wall. This is to keep them informed of all messages have been left on a wall that they have created.

Notice Board

The Frog platform allows you to disseminate information in many ways. One way to share information is by using the Notice Board widget.
The Notice Board widget allows you to add a notice board to a site that can be used by anyone with Edit and Manage access to the site.
Users with View or Contribute access can see the notices but cannot create or interact with them.
To create a notice, ensure the page is not in Edit Mode, then select the Create Notice button located on the Notice Board widget.
If the page is in Edit Mode the Create Notice button will not be displayed.
The Notice Board widget will now expand to show the text input fields for the title and contents of the notice.
Complete the fields for the title and content.
Now set the display date, this allows you to customise when the notice will be displayed.
  • From – This will display the notice after a set date
  • Until – This will display the notice until a set date.
  • Between – This will display the notice between a set start and end date.
  • On the – This will display the notice only on a set date.
When you are happy with your notice click the Submit button to post your notice. You can cancel the process for creating a notice at any time by selecting the Cancel option.
You will not be asked to confirm this action. Once a notice has been created it will be visible in the Notice Board widget.
NOTE: Remember if you set a notice to be displayed in the future it will be added into the Notice Board widget but not yet viewable.

Notice Board Settings

Settings and options for the Notice Board widget when in Edit Mode:
Height – Setting the height will determine a set height for the notice board widget. If your notice list exceeds this set height then a scroll bar will appear allowing you to scroll up and down your notices.
Show/Hide notice detail – Selecting either “Show” or “Hide” controls the view style for your noticeboard list:
  • Show – This will display the notice title, post date, author AND content in a list format.
  • Hide – This will ONLY display the notice title, post date and author in a list format. Content is viewed by left clicking on the notice title.
Hide Notice Detail Show Notice Detail

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