What is FrogAcademy?

Available to: Frog Admin, Teachers, Students and Parents
The FrogAcademy is a one-stop dashboard that links to all your Frog and 1BestariNet related services in one page. As a student, you will discover a fun new way to learn because you can play games in between completing assignments, and by collecting points, you can personalize your avatar and ‘purchase’ new games.
All your FrogStore purchases can be seen at a glance in the ‘My Library’ section. Managing your Yes account is made simple with the useful account summary. You can also look up your teacher’s and your fellow student’s email addresses with the useful My School Address Book feature.
To access the FrogAcademy, click the Quick Launch in the Frog Bar.
Then click on Hop In.
This will open the FrogAcademy home page.


Selecting Preferences allows you to change the language.
Select your chosen language and then select Save.
A reload is required to do this; select OK to confirm and continue.


Click the help icon wifat007 at any time to take a quick and simple tour explaining the features you see on the screen.
The tutorial will guide you through step-by-step showing you the relevant features on the page at any given time. Use the ‘<-Previous’ and ‘Next->’ buttons to step through at your own pace and click the X to close at any time.


Click on the Home tab to find your personal account, and avatar details. The main services area lists useful services that are only available to you as a 1BestariNet user. The central main screen area displays personalised newsfeeds that are relevant to you. So keep coming back here so you don’t miss out.
My Profile
Clicking on My Profile allows you to manage your Yes account and your personal avatar.

Each user of the Frog VLE has their own unique avatar. An avatar is a cartoon like figure that is a representation of you that others can see online. Initially this figure is just a simple outline and not very interesting. Additional features (body styles, accessories etc.) can be added, however, only a limited number of these are free. By completing assignments in the games based learning area in the Revision section, you can earn more FrogCredits required to buy more features to make your avatar more exciting.

Your Avatar
To manage your avatar, click on Edit Avatar.
Overview of the Avatar Editor
To add a new feature or edit and existing feature of your avatar, select a category to view a list of items for that category group. You will notice that some of the items are free and you can add these without using up any of your FrogCredits. You will need to have the appropriate FrogCredits in the bank before adding items with a credit value against them.
Note: Adding items with a credit value will not use your FrogCredits immediately. You can experiment by adding any items and add them your basket. Your FrogCredits will only be spent when you visit the shopping cart and you decide to buy the items.
How do I get more FrogCredits?
Your students can earn extra credits by completing assignments in the Revision section. As a teacher, you can purchase extra FrogCredits from the Account section (see below) or from the FrogStore.
Your Account
This area allows you to view and manage your Yes account. You can also buy additional FrogCredits here.
These are detailed as follows…
 wifat015 Check your Yes Credit, Datapack Balance and Rewards Balance here. Click the wifat016 button to add to your account
 wifat017 FrogCredits can be earned by participating in various educational applications in the Revision section. FrogCredits can be used to add features to your avatar.  Additional credits can be purchased by clicking the wifat018 button.
 wifat019 Click the wifat020 button to gain full access to your Yes account. Here you can reload/top-up your balance, change your personal details and more.

The Main Services

The Main Services area displays the 1BestariNet services available to you. Clicking on an item will open that particular service in a new tab in your browser.
 wifat022 Clicking this option will open another Frog VLE in a new tab in your browser (not recommended if you are already logged into the Frog VLE).
 wifat023 The FrogStore is a one-stop shop for your educational needs. Visit here to discover new videos, digital books and apps to help you learn.
 wifat024 Opens your personal email service. You can also open this service by clicking Email from the Quick Launch in the main Frog Bar.
 wifat025 This is your personal Google Drive, a personal cloud storage service from Google that helps you to store and share files.
 wifat026 This useful feature lists the email addresses of teachers and students at your school. Privacy settings ensure that student emails are only visible to the right people.

My Library

My Library contains all the items you have added to your account in the FrogStore.  Here you can read books, watch your videos, listen to your audio files, launch your apps etc. You can give an item a personal star rating making it easier for you to find your favourites.
The summary view displays an overview of each category. Clicking on a category lists the items in that category.
Overview of My Library

FrogAsia World

In FrogAsia World is a one-stop place where you can view all FrogAsia’s latest videos, news and articles, updated 24-7! The content changes all the time, so keep revisiting this page to keep yourself up-to-date with all things related to your VLE.


The Revision section makes learning simple and fun! Yes, by completing assignments in the games based learning environment, you can earn extra FrogCredits. Use these credits to enhance your avatar and to ‘purchase’ new games.
Note: Your parents can also keep track of your progress and assign additional work if they wish by obtaining additional content (Question Banks) from the FrogStore.
Overview of Revision.
To find out more, remember to click the help icon wifat007 at any time to take a quick and simple tour explaining the features you see on the screen.
For further information about FrogAcademy, please visit frogasia.com/frogacademy
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