What is the FrogDrive?

Available to: Teachers, Students (limited) and Frog Admin.


The FrogDrive is the heart of your Frog VLE. It is the central storage area and the main application for accessing resources that you have created or have been shared with you.

It gives you the ability to store, view and – where appropriate – create, edit and delete content in all of the areas of the VLE in which you have the appropriate access.

The FrogDrive menu contains links to multiple work areas. These are:

2 Latest Files: Displays only the most recent files that you have uploaded to the My Documents area.
3 Favourites: Displays any sites that you have added to your Favourites area for quick and easy access. Click on the star icon on a site to add it to Favourites.
4 Documents: This is you main document storage area. The My Documents contain personal files that you have uploaded which no one else can see. The My Library contain media documents taken from the FrogStore. The Lesson Resources contain shared files just for Teachers and Admin users. The School Documents area is where Teachers and Admin users can upload and download files but where Students can only view and download.
5 Sites: Any Sites created by or shared to you will appear in this area. The My Library subsection contains sites downloaded from the FrogStore.
6 Quizzes: Quizzes created by you will appear in the My Quizzes area. The School Quizzes area displays a non-editable list of all quizzes created in your school.
7 Applications: Displays all installed Applications. Some applications may not appear in your Quick Launch menu but can be accessed from here. Frog Admin users can access user and group data from this area.
10 Forms: Provides access to the main Forms creation and storage area. Forms can be reused when required.
11 Polls: Provides access to the main Polls creation and storage area. Polls can be reused when required.