What is the Parent Noticeboard?

The Parent Noticeboard is the first page that appears when a Parent logs into the Frog VLE. It can be used by the school as an effective way in circulating information to parents.
The Frog Admin can make changes to the Parents Noticeboard by editing a site called Parent Noticeboard. By default, only the Frog Admin can edit the site and only Parents can view this site which will automatically appear in their dashboard area.
TIP: To see what the parent noticeboard looks like to a parent, take a look at the FrogVLE Basics for Parents.

How to find the Parent Noticeboard site

Frog Admin users will find the Parent Noticeboard site located in the Other Sites area in the FrogDrive.
It can also be found by typing ‘parent noticeboard’ in the search tool.
Note: If the Parent Noticeboard has been renamed, it will therefore be listed with the new name.
Warning: The Parent Noticeboard site is an integral part of the Frog VLE system and must not be deleted.
Tip: Why not place a Site Link widget on your dashboard pointing to the Parent Dashboard site. This way it will be easy to find even if the name is changed.

How to Edit the Parent Noticeboard

As a Frog Admin user your role will include updating the Parent Noticeboard. This Site can be edited in the same way as any other site.
 htetpn005 Click the Edit button on the left of your screen. This will release the Content Panel.
The Content Panel contains three options tabs. These are:
 witpn006 Page – This changes the amount and position of the content boxes on the page.
 witpn007 Settings – This allows you to change the name and the theme of the Site.
 witpn008 Widgets – Widgets can be dragged into the columns on your page to add content such as text, videos and images.

How to Edit the Parent Noticeboard (Admin)

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