How to set Permissions for the Parent Noticeboard

The Parent Noticeboard site can be viewed by Frog Admins and Parents. However, it is possible to change which users can view, edit and can contribute to the site.
To view who has access, open the Parent Noticeboard, click on Share on the Frog Bar.
 Click on Share.
Click on Next.
The current settings for the Parent Noticeboard will now be displayed.
By default, the Group: Parent settings are set to Can view only. You may want to change this to Can contribute if you would like parents to contribute to Forums, Message walls, Polls, and Forms.
Warning: Changing or deleting the Group: Admin or User: Frog VLE users will cause your Parent Noticeboard to become unusable. Please do not attempt to change any of the settings for these user groups.

How to Edit the Parent Noticeboard (Admin)

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