What is Assignment Monitor?

Available to: Frog Admin
The Assignment Monitor is an application that displays assignments that have been issued by all teachers in all departments in the school. Used primarily by the senior management of the school, this useful tool makes it easier to monitor where and when the Frog VLE is being used effectively.
The filter feature allows assignments to be listed for a given category, such as those issued by a specific teacher, subject or student. All of this data can be downloaded as a CSV file for record keeping and creating reports etc.
To access the Assignment Monitor application, click on FrogDrive in the Frog Bar.
Select Applications on the left.
And double click on Assignment Monitor.

How to Use Assignment Monitor

The Assignment Monitor lists all assignments that have been issued by teachers in the school. Initially, the view is set to display Open assignments, however, clicking on the tabs allows you to switch between views.
  • All – lists all the assignment that have been created in your Frog VLE.
  • Open – lists assignments that are open (currently active). Students could still be working on assignments listed here.
  • Closed – These assignments have been closed by the teacher and students can no longer contribute to them.
  • Archived – These are usually older assignments that are not actively being used.
The column headers indicate the type of information displayed in each column. Clicking on a header will sort the list in that column. Clicking the header again with reverse the order.
Assignment Name – The name of the Assignment given by the teacher.
Subject – The teacher will have given the assignment a subject category (displayed in Bahasa Melayu)
Issued – The start date of the assignment.
Due – The date the teacher has set when the assignment has to be finished by. A date shown in red indicates it is now passed the due date.
Teacher – The name of the teacher who issued the assignment.
Recipients – The name of the group or individual the assignment was issued to.
Submitted – The number of students who have submitted their assignment.

How to Search for Assignments

The filter feature can be used when searching for a specific assignment, assignments associated with a particular subject or teacher, and for those issued during a certain time period.
Click on the Filter icon.
To find assignments for a particular subject, select a subject from the drop down list and then click the Filter button.
For the Issued and Due dates, select a start date and then a finish date. For the other boxes, type in just a few characters to define your search. Click the Filter button to display only those assignments specified in your search.
Press the Reset button to return to the full unfiltered list view.
To search for a particular student or teacher, you need to use the additional search tool. You only need to type a few characters contained in the person’s name to begin the search.

How to View the Assignment Details

To view the instructions given for an assignment, click on the blue information icon.
To view further details including who received the assignment, click on the assignment in the Assignment Name column.
At this stage it is possible to view the assignment as it was sent out by the teacher. You cannot contribute to the assignment yourself as it is set to view only. Click on the Open Assignment button.
To remove the assignment from view, click the X button.
To view a particular student’s assignment, first click on the student’s name.
And then click the Open Assignment button.
The assignment displayed will be the same view as seen by the student. If the student has contributed to any activities, then you will be able to see these here.
To remove the assignment from view, click the X button.
Any individual activities in the assignment can be monitored in the submitted work area.
To learn more about viewing the individual activities, please refer to the section How to Mark an Assignment.
Scrolling down to the bottom of this section reveals any comments a student has made back to the teacher in the Self Evaluation section and any comments the teacher has made in the Overall Comments section. The Mark Given box shows the overall mark the teacher has given for the whole assignment.
At any time you can return back to the list of open assignments by clicking the Open tab.

How to Use the Assignment Monitor


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