How to Issue a Basic Assignment (Quick Assign)

If you don’t have a site available for an assignment, it is possible to create a new assignment from within the FrogDrive or from within the Assignments Application.
This method offers a quick and easy way to issue assignments, however, no site is created in the process. The assignment is created with only one File drop or Text activity. Only a limited set of instructions can be given for the whole assignment. Use this for basic assignments only.
Creating a new assignment from the Assignments Application.
From the Quick Launch menu, select Assignments
Click on New Assignment.
Creating a new assignment from FrogDrive.
Note: Before creating an assignment in FrogDrive, you will need to have a file ready to use. For example, this may be a document, an image or video.
Click on the FrogDrive icon in the Frog Bar
In the FrogDrive, locate the file you wish to use for the assignment and click on it once to select it.
From the Actions menu, select Assign.
You need to enter a name for the assignment.
You must now select a subject for your assignment from the drop down list.
Add some brief instructions for the assignment here.
Note: If students are required to upload a file, then it is advisable to include instructions for this here as there is no provision to add further instructions later. (You will have the option to include a File Drop activity before issuing the assignment).
In the Recipients area, type in a few characters contained in the name of a student or group and select them when they appear in the drop down list.
The ‘available from’ date will show todays date, however, you can change this to a future date if you don’t want the assignment to be issued until then.
You must now select an assignment due date.
You have the option to add further resources to your assignment here. This may be an additional set of instructions, additional work sheets etc.
Select the file to add.
And then click the Use button.
Adding an activity to your assignment
Unless an activity is added to your assignment, students will not be able to submit their work back to the teacher. It is not always necessary to add an activity, for example if the assignment only asks the students to read an article or watch a video where no response is required.
You are permitted to add either a File Drop activity or a Text activity to your assignment (you cannot add both).
File Drop – Required if students have been requested to submit a document (file) as part of their assignment.
Text Activity – Use this if the assignment requires the students to simply enter their response via a text entry box that appears on the screen.
Adding a File Drop.
Select the viewing option.
Individual – Students can only see their own files submitted.
Group – Students can also view files submitted by others.
Click on Users can delete their own files if you would like to give them this option. This will allow them to delete a file they have already uploaded and replace it with another.
Adding a Text Activity.
Enter some further instructions for the Text activity here.
Click the Assign button to issue the assignment.

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