How to Create a Discussion Forum

Click on the Quick Launch option in the Frog Bar and click Forums.
To post a new topic click on the Create Topic button.
Enter the title for the topic in the Title box and a further description in the Content area.
If you think your topic is important and you would like it stay at the top of the forum list, check the Sticky topic box.
Click Submit to create your forum.
Your Forum topic is now posted.

How to Add a Discussion Forum to a Site

Begin by opening your Site in Edit mode. Create a new tab for your Forum. This allows the forum to fill the page and makes it easier to read.
Now drag the Forum Widget onto the page.
Double clicking on the forum area displays the settings for the Forum Widget.
You now have a number of choices on how the user can delete a post they make in your forum.
Users can delete and edit their own posts:
●          Never (default): Only the site creator will be able to edit or delete a post.

●          Temporarily: For 2 mins, 5 mins, 15 mins – once the user has posted their message, they will only have a limited period of time to change or delete that post.

●          Always: The user will always be able to change or delete their posts.

Note: The administrator is always able to delete a post should the Site creator not be available.
To give the forum a title, add a Text Widget directly above.
Double click on the sample text displayed in the layout box.
Enter the title for the Forum into the Text Widget. Type your text directly into the text box on the page. Format your text using the options on the left.
adforum2site7 Click the Save Changes button to save your page.
adforum2site8 To close the content panel click on the X button.
Note: You must set the sharing option on your Site as Can Contribute. This will allow users to contribute to the forum.

How to Hide Posts until Approved

The Forum widget gives the option to control whether or not users posts are immediately visible. This helps in preventing anything unsuitable being published on the site. The Post Require Approval check box in the widget settings is used to turn this function on or off.
When enabled, any topics, threads or comments submitted to the forum will be not be visible to any users, with the exception of the author of the post, admins, the site author and any users with edit/manage access to the site. Contributions will remain hidden until a user with the appropriate permissions ticks the Show to others box.
Users without these permissions will instead see a placeholder with the message specified in the Settings panel for the widget.
The author of the post will see the same placeholder with their post and their username still present.
Admin users or users with edit/manage permissions on the site will see the original post and a checkbox that when ticked, will display the post to all users.
Admin users and users with site edit/manage permissions can uncheck the box at any time should they wish to hide a post or topic. Users with these permissions can also display or hide all replies in a thread at once by using the Show/Hide all replies checkbox.
If all replies in a thread are all displayed publicly, the Show/Hide all replies checkbox will automatically be ticked to reflect this.
If an admin user wishes to review the content of a forum or individual thread, clicking the ‘Download Forum/Download Thread’ button will trigger an in browser download in CSV format containing all entries that have been posted to the forum/thread including any deleted and hidden replies.
The file will contain the following fields and will save to the default download location set by the browser that the user is using.
Within the CSV file the following fields are display –
Author                                    – Author’s username
Forename                             – Author’s first name
Surname                               – Author’s surname
Post Date/Time                    – Timestamp for the post
Post Title                               – Forum topic
Post                                        – Posted Content
Status                                     – Post status (Deleted/Pending/OK)
Post UUID                             – Unique reference of the post
Reply To                                – Unique reference of any parent posts
Note: The downloaded log will contain all entries that have been posted in the forum’s lifetime however, if a forum widget is removed from a site, all content from within the widget is deleted so it is not possible to retrieve content logs for forums that have been removed from a site.

How to Create a Discussion Forum


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