What are Polls?

Polls allows you to create simple polls so that you can canvass users for their opinions. This might be to Poll a class for their opinion of a particular activity or to Poll the entire school on a change in school policy. Once the user has cast their vote the results of the poll is then displayed back to them as a bar chart (see below).
Polls differ from forms in that only a single question with multiple answers can be asked. Users then choose from one of the possible answers. Once the user has cast their vote they are unable to take part in the Poll again.
Polls can be reset and re-used if needed and can also have the data they have collected exported to a CSV file.

What is the Poll Builder?

Polls are created using the Poll Builder which can be accessed from the FrogDrive or from a Poll widget within a site. If a Poll is created from within a widget, the Poll is stored only within the site. When a Poll is created in the FrogDrive it is then stored under Polls for use in other sites.
Polls can be created in two ways. The first is through the FrogDrive, the second is through a Poll widget in a page.

How to Use the Poll Builder from FrogDrive

To launch the Poll Builder in the FrogDrive, click the FrogDrive icon in the Frog Bar.
In the FrogDrive, click on Polls in the left hand column.
You will now see any Polls that you have previously created. To create a new poll, click on the New Poll button to launch the Poll Builder.
To continue creating a Poll see the section ‘How to Create a Poll’.

How to Use the Poll Builder from within a Site

To launch the Poll Builder from within a site, click on Sites – My Sites  in the FrogDrive menu.
Open the site which will contain the Poll or click the New Site button to create a new site.
Note: If a Poll is created within a site it will not be available in the FrogDrive. Your Poll can only be used within the site it has been created in.
Click the Edit button to open the Content Panel.
In the Content Panel click the Widgets tab.
Select the Poll Widget and drag it into an active Layout Box in your site. Ensure the Layout Box is blue before placing the Widget.
Double clicking on the Poll Layout Box displays the settings in the Content Panel.
The Poll settings contain two buttons:
  • Import Poll:  Importing a Poll allows you to choose a previously created Poll from the FrogDrive.
  • New Poll:  Allows the creation of a new Poll from within the site. Polls created inside a site cannot be imported into other sites.
PBFWAS16 Click the New Poll button to launch the Poll Builder.

How to Create a Poll

Once the Poll Builder has launched the Poll canvas will contain a single multiple choice question. No further question types can be added to the Poll.
Enter the name of the Poll into the Poll Name text input box.
Note: The Poll name is the name shown in the Poll as well as the file name if created in the FrogDrive.
Enter the Poll question into the Question text input box. This will appear above the Poll options.
A Poll consists of a single multiple choice question. Only one option can be chosen by the user completing the Poll. By default a blank Poll question must contain at least two options i.e. yes or no.
Enter the Poll options into each Option text input box.
To add further options, click the Add a New Option button to create another option.
To reorder the options, drag the answer fields up or down the list using the move button located to the right of the option.
To edit an option click on an option and edit the text displayed.
To delete an option, select the X button located to the right of the option.
When finished click the Save Poll button.
Click the X button in the top left corner to close the Poll Builder.
Your Poll will now be displayed within your site. To edit your Poll, click on the Edit Poll button in the Content Panel.

Introduction to Polls

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