Advanced Settings

To access the Advanced settings click on the small arrow in the Content Panel. The advanced settings will now be visible.
The Submit Button Label allows the text on the Submit button to be changed. Any text entered will automatically update the Submit button text.



The Notify on Submit checkbox allows you to choose whether to be notified each time a user completes the Poll via the Notifications Panel.

How to Import a Poll into a Site

Polls created in the FrogDrive can be imported into a site. Unlike Quizzes, Polls cannot be shared with other teachers. Only Polls you have created can be imported into your sites.
Open the site that will contain the Poll. Click the Edit button on the left of your screen. This will release the Content Panel.
In the Content Panel click on the Widgets tab.
Select the Poll Widget and drag it into an Layout Box in your site. Ensure the Layout Box is blue before placing the Widget.
Double clicking on the Layout Box where the Widget icon is displayed, displays the settings for the Widget.
5 To use an existing Poll in the FrogDrive, click on the Import Poll button.
Double click on the Poll to be embedded in the site.
The Poll will now be displayed within your site.
8 Click the Save Changes button to save your site

How to Convert a Poll into a Site

The Frog VLE allows you to create a site for your Poll in a single click from within the Polls section of the FrogDrive.
To create a site from within the FrogDrive click on the Polls link in the FrogDrive menu.
Select an existing Poll by clicking on it once.
Click on the Actions menu and select Use in new site.
Your Poll will now appear within the Resource page of the site.
Your Poll is now ready to be shared.
Important! To make a Poll available to others to complete you must now share the site that contains the Poll. It is important that users be given Can Contribute access in order to complete the Poll.

Introduction to Polls

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