What is Site Management?

Available to: Teachers and Frog Admin
Just like files on a computer, it may be necessary to copy (duplicate) or delete sites. Sites can be moved from one user to another, this is known as changing the ownership of a site.

How to Select Multiple Sites

When using Site management, you can make an action to multiple sites in one go.
To select multiple sites, first click the Select button.
In the tile view, click once on each site to make your selection.
In the list view, click on the ticks in the left column to make you selection. Clicking the top tick selects all or deselects all the sites in the list.
You are now ready to make your selection from the Actions menu.

How to Change the Ownership of a site

It is possible to change who has overall control of a site.
This may be useful if a teacher leaves, changes roles within your school or a new teacher starts at the school and wishes to manage sites a previous teacher had created.
To do this select the site or sites in the FrogDrive and select Change Ownership from the Actions menu.
In the Transfer ownership to: box, start typing a few characters of the name you wish to transfer the ownership to.
After a short while, any users that match your search will appear. Click on the required name to select it.
Your selected user will now be displayed underneath. If you want to change your mind and select a different user, you can click the X. You can only specify a single user here as a site cannot have multiple owners.
To confirm your new owner, click Change to continue.
The ownership of the site or sites will now be transferred to the new user. Sites will be removed from the previous user’s ‘My Sites’ area and will now appear in the ‘My Sites’ area of the new user’s FrogDrive.

How to Duplicate a Site

To make a copy of a site, click once on the site to select it (only one site can be duplicated at a time) and select Duplicate from the Actions menu.
Next, type in a name for the duplicate site.
You can now change the description for your site.
Click on Finish to create the duplicate site.
Note: You will be the owner of any duplicate sites you make, and as such, will appear in your ‘My Sites’ area.

How to Delete a Site

To do this select the site or sites in the FrogDrive and select Delete from the Actions menu.
To confirm you want to permanently delete the site, you need to type in your username in the box.
And then click the Delete Site button.
The selected site or sites will be permanently deleted and cannot be undone.
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