Your Timeline

Available to: Frog Admin, Teachers, Students and Parents
If you have an account on the Frog VLE you have access to a User Timeline. Your user timeline contains a list of events that have taken place on the Frog VLE that are related to you.
The user timeline can include entries such as:

  • Files uploaded to the timeline by you.
  • Files sent to you by other users.
  • Assignments sent to you.
  • Site shared with you by other users.
  • Notifications sent to you.
  • Calendar events you have been invited to.
Parents can see and comment on activities that appear on their children’s timeline.
You can find your own timeline by clicking through the dashboard selector from the Frog Bar. It is usually located in the leftmost one, however, this could vary.
If you have browsed away from the dashboards area you can use the Home button yt002 to return to your dashboards.

Adding an Item to the Timeline

Images, videos, audio files and other files can be uploaded to your timeline. You might want to upload items to your timeline to record work that you have done or other curricular or co-curricular achievements. When an item is added to your timeline it is stored in your FrogDrive, including those sent to you by other users. If you upload an item to your FrogDrive, it will also be displayed in your timeline.

To add an item to the timeline select the Upload button to launch the file uploader.


Select your file using the file uploader and allow the upload to complete.yt004

Select the Done button to close the file uploader.

Refreshing the Timeline

Events form other users will only appear when the Timeline is refreshed. The time interval between each refresh is normally 5 minutes, however, the time interval may be longer as set by the school FrogAdmin. To perform a manual refresh at any time, click the refresh button.


Hiding an Item on the Timeline

There may be times when you wish to remove some items from view without deleting it from your timeline in order to make the timeline easier to read. This can be achieved by hiding items on the timeline. To hide an item on the timeline select the Actions menu yt006 for that item.

Choose the Hide from Timeline option.
Once an event has been hidden, it’s place in the timeline is retained and the item can be revealed again by selecting the Event hidden – undo? option.


Sharing a Timeline Item

Items that have been uploaded to the timeline can be shared with other users. Items that have been uploaded to the FrogDrive can also be shared with other users’ timelines.
To share an item from the timeline itself select the items Action menu yt006. Choose the Send copy to… option.

You can enter a comment for the item here (optional).


Enter the name of a site, user or group that you wish to share the item with in the search bar and then select the site, user or group from the drop down list of results.

Once you have added all your recipients to the list of those who will have the item shared with them select the Send button to send a copy.


If you change your mind select the Cancel button to exit the sharing process without sending a copy.


Assigning a Timeline Item

Resources in your timeline can be assigned to users as pieces of work. These assignments can be tracked in the assignments app as well as having an activity added to them.
To assign a timeline item select the item’s Action menu yt006 followed by the Assign option.


This option will launch the New Assignment window.

Deleting an Item from the Timeline

You can delete any items that you have added to your own timeline. Events added by other users such as assignments or calendar events cannot be deleted from the timeline, though these items can be hidden.
To delete an item from the timeline select the Actions menu yt006 for the item followed by selecting the Delete option.


You will now be prompted to confirm the deletion of the timeline item.
Note: Deleting an event referring to a resource in your FrogDrive will also delete the file. If you only want to remove the event from your timeline, you can use Hide from Timeline option.


Select Delete Resource to delete the item.

Adding a Comment to a Timeline Item

You can comment on an item in the Timeline by typing your comment in the ‘Add comment…’ box and then clicking the Post button.


The comment will always appear in your own timeline, however if the owner of the site has chosen to do so, it may require approval before it is shown to others. Comments awaiting approval will display the following message until it has been approved.


Creating a New Assignment

A new assignment can be created in the timelines page by clicking the New Assignment button. It is not linked to an event on the Timeline, however, it can be used to create a quick assignment.


Searching for another User’s Timeline

For safeguarding reasons, Admin and staff users can search for and view the timelines of students and parents by clicking the Search for User button.


Typing in a few characters contained in the user’s name, will reveal any matching students and parents in the system.


Select a user from the list and click OK.

You are now able to manage any comments made on that user’s Timeline. You have three options:


  • Delete – Removes the comment from the Timeline.
  • Edit – Allows you to modify the comment before approving.
  • Show to others – Tick this option to approve the comment and to allow it to be shown on the Timeline.
You can also comment on an event on their timeline for them to see.

Once you have monitored that user’s timeline, click ‘<’ to return back to your own timeline.


Managing Timelines on a Site

Teachers can monitor comments made on timelines to prevent any unsuitable comments being published. The Download Comments tool allows you to save all comments made on the Timeline to a file for future reference.

First open the Site and then select Manage Timeline from the Site drop down menu in the Frog Bar.


Initially ‘Timeline comments require approval:’ is set to ‘OFF’ which means all comments will automatically be visible to everyone.


Moving the slider to ‘ON’ will mean that any comments made will require approval by you before being visible to others.


A comment that requires approval will display the message:


When a new comment is posted, you (and any other user who has Edit and Manage permissions to the site) will have three options:


  • Delete – Removes the comment from the Timeline.
  • Edit – Allows you to modify the comment before approving.
  • Show to others – Tick this option to approve the comment and to allow it to be shown on the Timeline.
Other teachers who have ‘Can Contribute’ permissions to the site will be able to Delete and Edit comments that are visible but will not see the ‘Show to others’ option.

Click the Download Comments button to download all comments (including any deleted and hidden comments) on the timeline to a spreadsheet (.CSV) file.


The following information is saved to the file:
  • Resource name (the filename of the resource)
  • Author (name of the user who entered the comment)
  • Content (the comment)
  • Date (date and time the comment was made)
  • Status (‘pending’=awaiting approval, ‘ok’=visible)
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