What is System Preferences?

Available to: Frog Admin
The System Preferences allow the Frog Admin to change settings of the Frog VLE that effect the whole school.
Click the Frog Head menu in the Frog Bar and select System Preferences.


Dashboards are home pages for users of the VLE; they are the first sites that a user sees after they log into the platform. Dashboards are applied to profiles, a maximum of five dashboards can be applied to a given profile.
In order to allow you to easily control your VLE dashboards, a set of dashboard options are available in System Preferences. These options allow you to control the dashboards presented to specific profiles.
To begin editing the dashboards for a given profile, select this profile from the drop-down menu provided.
Any dashboards that are currently available for the selected profile will be displayed below the Select Profile drop-down menu.
The order the dashboards are shown represents the order they will appear to the user, with the first dashboard being the one that will be shown after login.
To reorder the dashboards simply drag and drop them.
To add an additional dashboard for the selected profile click an empty dashboard tile.
Your FrogDrive will now be opened allowing you to select a site to use as a dashboard.
Select the site to use as a dashboard and then click the Use button.
Any dashboards that have recently been used will be shown in the Recently Used list. These items can be dragged and dropped into the dashboard list.
A maximum of 5 dashboards can be added to a profile. Once you have reached this number a dashboard must be removed before you can add another.
To quickly replace one dashboard with another, simply drag the dashboard you wish to use over the dashboard to be replaced.
The Timeline and User Dashboard cannot be removed from a user’s dashboards, however, if there are additional dashboards that you wish to remove select the syspref007 delete option to remove the dashboard.
Remember to click Save to save any changes you have made.
Please Note – Any changes made to dashboards will not be visible until a user has logged out of the platform and back in.

File Types

The File Types section allows administrators to specify the type of files that are permitted to be uploaded to the Frog VLE. Each type of user profile can have their own array of file types.
To specify the file types that can be uploaded, click on File Types and select a user type from the drop down list.

Frog Default Types

Some file types are already included within the VLE by default. To enable or disable the uploading of these file types select the Frog Default Types tab.
To enable or disable an existing file type, select the appropriate tick icon on the right hand side of the file type list.

Custom Types

If there is a file type that would like to be permitted and it is not one of those specified in the Frog Default Types, you can add it in Custom Types. Any file types in this list will be allowed to be uploaded by the profile type selected.
To add a file type, click Custom Types.
Then enter the file extension and click the Add button.
To remove a file type, preventing that type being uploaded by this profile, click the delete icon to the right of the file type in the list.


In order for an event to appear on a user’s timeline it first needs to be refreshed. The refresh can be set up to be done automatically after a specified time period, or forced to be done manually by the user. The settings for how this refresh is managed are located in the System Preferences.
To specify a time period between each refresh, click to select this option first and then set the time interval.
Timelines will automatically refresh each time this period has elapsed, however, a user can still manually refresh a timeline at any time.
To prevent timelines refreshing automatically, select the ‘Do not automatically refresh’ option. When this is selected, users will have to manually refresh their timeline.
Remember to click Save Changes to save any changes you have made.
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