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OVER 500 secondary school students were inspired to make a difference through the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a United Nations initiative aimed at eradicating poverty, reducing inequalities and addressing climate change by 2030.
Titled Your World ReimaginED, the conference began with inspiring talks from world-class speakers with a track record in social change. Students took part in workshops structured to solve real-world problems in their own communities.
They also attended an exciting carnival based on all 17 Global Goals, where they were presented with a diverse mix of challenges.
“We want Malaysian students to believe that they can make a difference and reimagine their world!

“By listening to amazing speakers and meeting like-minded individuals, we are providing an experience to inspire the students to apply themselves to real-world problems and think critically and creatively,” says FrogAsia Sdn Bhd executive director Lou Yeoh.
The conference began with keynote speeches from d ’Arcy Lunn of Teaspoons of Change, Safeena Husain, founder and executive director at Educate Girls, and John-Son Oei, founder and CEO of Malaysian social enterprise Extraordinary People Impacting Community (EPIC).
Lunn spoke on travelling the world and demonstrated how students might turn good intentions into action, while Safeena shared her perspective on the importance of breaking the cycle of prejudice.
Oei spoke on how EPIC works to ensure that every orang asli has safe modern housing.
Also at the carnival were social enterprises, TOMS and Batik Boutique, which shared with students how they made a difference through their work.
To reflect FrogAsia’s commitment to empowering students for social change, the Vinnie Chan Award was launched at the conference.
The award is named after a colleague who passed away due to dengue in 2015, a disease the Global Goals seeks to eradicate.
The Vinnie Chan Award honours individuals or groups that have made a difference in their community by championing the Global Goals.
Recipients will receive a M.A.D (Make a Difference) Pot containing RM1,000. These funds will be used to further the students’ cause as they run projects in support of the Global Goals.
The event ended with singer-songwriter Atif Zulkifly, popularly known as Atif Z, leading the crowd in song with hope for a better tomorrow. Atif is a supporter of making a difference through music.
Your World ReimaginED is the latest conference in the Leaps of Knowledge series of events that aim to inspire and empower Malaysians to be agents of change especially through the use of technology and the Internet.
Education is key to transforming mindsets and FrogAsia is passionate about doing this by bringing some of the world’s leading educationalists, technologists, thinkers and personalities to the Malaysian stage.


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