Small school wins big: “We never gave up on Frog” says two-time World Champion, SJKC Choong Cheng

"Winning the Frog World Championship has really given so many new opportunities. It is something we are really proud of, especially my students." Since winning the FrogPlay Championships in 2017, SJKC Choong Cheng has overcome the perception of rural and under-enrolled schools, and making possible what most have thought to be impossible. A small school with big successes and achievements, SJKC Choong Cheng serves as an inspiration to many schools across Malaysia that no dream is too far-fetched.


Technology transforms the learning experience. Integrating technology in education gives students the opportunity to develop digital skills and also helps students stay engaged. At FrogAsia, we believe in empowering students in 21st Century education through the use of technology. Read how Agama schools have benefited from using Frog in teaching and learning!

SJKT Sungai Ara has proven that no dream is too big and no success is too hard to achieve when they’ve set their minds and hearts to it. They were recently crowned second place winner in this year’s Frog World Championship! Read our interview with Mr Sangga Sinniah, Headmaster of SJKT Sungai Ara and the main driving force of the school’s success.

"Frog has taught me many things, but most importantly, it taught me to be more informative and resourceful. It's beyond interesting for me that I can continuously explore and learn more through Frog," said Noor Halinah binti Mohamad Ali Jinnah, straight A's SPM achiever from SMK Raja Perempuan, Ipoh. Read more about how Frog has made her schooling days a memorable journey!

“Frog bukan sekadar suatu platform sahaja sekarang; ia telah berkembang menjadi sebuah ekosistem," kata Cikgu El-Gamillo bin Habibun Tan, Pegawai BTPN Terengganu. Baca bagaimana Terengganu boleh menjadi negeri terbaik dalam penggunaan VLE Frog dalam jangka masa setahun!

We’ve seen how school communities come together to overcome challenges to win in the Frog Championships. Read how SK Ampangan cultivated sustainable teaching and learning methods with Frog through various initiatives.