The Frog World Championship is back!

When we took the competition to an international stage in 2018, we saw schools driven beyond motivation and determination. Schools began strategically implementing effective teaching and learning methods that led to sustainable impact and significant improvement in results! Read how 3 of our past winners won the Championships through using Frog in teaching & learning.


Seiring dengan perkembangan pendidikan abad ke-21  yang semakin pesat, kita melihat mata pelajaran sekolah diajar menggunakan teknologi. Lihat bagaimana SMK Agama Arau menggunakan Frog dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran Pendidikan Islam.

We believe every child is born unique and should be given equal opportunities to unlock their potential. This is how special needs students of SM Pendidikan Khas Vokasional Merbok didn't let their disabilities get in the way and became a winner in the Frog Championships!

21st Century teaching & learning is the future of education. We interviewed Sharveen Maniyarasu, former Year 6 student from SJK(T) Ladang Edinburgh, to know how FrogPlay helped him score 8A's in UPSR!

With a firm grasp on the definitions of content, we realised a crucial need to provide learning content that is aligned with the Malaysian standards of education. Thus, we created Frog Boost! Read what teachers have to say about Frog Boost: "By teachers, for teachers".

Location and background no longer becomes a hindering factor when technology has helped build a bridge that overcame the social and digital divide. Read how SK Besout 5 became national champions by challenging the status quo!