SJK(T) Ladang Elaeis: Going Above & Beyond for Students

This is about SJK(T) Ladang Elaeis - a rural tamil school within the Kluang district. Despite its location and size, the community of teachers and parents have gone the extra mile to ensure these students receive the education they deserve!


Fondly known as Cikgu Jay, the Frog Teacher Awards: Most Influential Advocate winner is one of the first Frog Advocates that spearheaded the use of the Frog VLE in schools since 2016. His innovative ways have made him a popular point of reference for suggestions and solutions to effectively implement 21st century methods and approach in school.

Cikgu Faruze is the winner of the Most Inspiring Leader for Frog Teacher Awards. We spoke to him to get some insights on his journey in 21st century education and how he’s become a beacon of inspiration to the teachers and schools in Johor. Cikgu Faruze shares his 10 leadership lessons.

“I have always been using technology in my daily life, and when I was introduced to the Frog VLE, it made me realise that technology in education is something so beneficial for teachers and students. That realisation sparked my motivation and dedication to be an advocate of technology,” said Cikgu Fadzli, Frog Teacher Awards: Gamechanger in Edutech.

“Every student should be given equal opportunities to have a meaningful learning journey. As a teacher, I always do my best to provide my students with different learning opportunities for them to try out new things and gain exposure,” said Cikgu Kamariah, winner of the Frog Teacher Awards: Most Exceptional Educator.

Technology transforms the learning experience. Integrating technology in education gives students the opportunity to develop digital skills and also helps students stay engaged. At FrogAsia, we believe in empowering students in 21st Century education through the use of technology. Read how Agama schools have benefited from using Frog in teaching and learning!


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