“Without Frog, school would have been boring” – Noor Halinah, straight A’s achiever in SPM shares

Achieving straight A’s in 9 different SPM subjects is no easy feat, but Noor Halinah shared that she was able to do so with the help of FrogPlay! “In my opinion, FrogPlay is one of the best revision tools for secondary school students, especially for subjects that have objective questions," shared former SPM 2018 student from SMK Raja Perempuan. Read her story to find out more about how she also used Frog as a platform to win the grand prize in the Toyota Eco Youth 2017 competition!


“Frog bukan sekadar suatu platform sahaja sekarang; ia telah berkembang menjadi sebuah ekosistem," kata Cikgu El-Gamillo bin Habibun Tan, Pegawai BTPN Terengganu. Baca bagaimana Terengganu boleh menjadi negeri terbaik dalam penggunaan VLE Frog dalam jangka masa setahun!

We’ve seen how school communities come together to overcome challenges to win in the Frog Championships. Read how SK Ampangan cultivated sustainable teaching and learning methods with Frog through various initiatives.

More than 3,000 school leaders, teachers, students and parents from across 1,000 schools in Perak participated in kLeaps! Read how the Gamechangers in Perak are turning tides in 21st Century education with Frog.

"Saya mencabar diri saya untuk keluar dari zon selesa dan mula mengaplikasikan Frog untuk pengajaran dan pembelajaran. Memang sukar pada mulanya, tetapi semakin lama mengguna, semakin mudah diguna."

 "I honestly thought we were going to die. After the incident,  I took that time to evaluate my life, my choices and my purpose as a teacher," shared Cikgu Yu Kok Hui. What does it mean to be a teacher? Read Cikgu Yu's incredible story and unexpected journey as a teacher.