At Frog, we have never lost sight of our vision - providing every child with equal access to quality 21st Century education, anytime, anywhere, on any device, regardless of background or location. The establishment of the 1BestariNet programme has opened the doors to a burst of possibilities, where students uncovered new ways of learning and teachers found new ways of teaching. Not only that, it has also created a world without boundaries - one where every school is connected on a single, cloud-based learning platform, the Frog VLE.

In 2013, Senathi Rajah, teacher at SJK(T) Ladang Bute, attended the first ever Leaps of Knowledge Conference, themed The Future of Learning and was inspired to bring about change in his school through technology. He soon heard about the Word Mania Competition an online spelling competition called Word Mania to promote the use of English, that FrogAsia was launching.

SJK(T) Ladang Bute is a primary school in the rubber estate where children come from low income homes. As an Indian primary school, the primary language spoken is Tamil. His school decided to use the game as an opportunity to excite the students about learning English.

There were only 28 students in their school but they were undeterred when they faced off with other schools that had as many as 1000 students. By sheer hard work and determination, they won third place in the competition. The students worked hard at reading the dictionary to learn more. The whole school community became involved in supporting the competition.  The school opened up the computer lab till late at night and the parents would bring the students food in school as they played away. 

Five years on, SJK(T) Ladang Bute continues to be leading example to all Tamil schools in Malaysia. To date, Mr. Senathi continues to help other Tamil school teachers adopt technology and Frog VLE in the classroom, and is a Gold Advocate Teacher.