Since the establishment of the 1BestariNet programme, FrogAsia has always encouraged teachers, students and parents to become advocates of change in their communities. We are constantly driving initiatives that challenge the status quo and opening doors of opportunities for schools to do things differently.

In 2016, shy students from SMK Tengku Mahmud 2 travelled from Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur to attend a Leaps of Knowledge conference for students. These students were moved by the theme “Your World ReimaginED” as they learnt about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and were inspired to make a difference to their community.

They decided to come up with a project around ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’ that won the Vinnie Chan Awards 2016. Their innovative project turned recyclable plastic bottles collected from Bukit Keluang into creative plastic bottle rubbish bins. These bins (called Mr. & Mrs. D) were placed in every classroom and across Bukit Keluang to raise awareness about recycling in school and in the community.

“The Vinnie Chan Award brought to my attention that students learn a lot through project-based learning where it is a hands-on activity with their peers. It built their confidence in conversing in English and built up their presentation skills and soft skills.” - Puan Zawanah, teacher at SMK Tengku Mahmud 2.

This initiative didn’t stop there. These students have continued to make a difference with the MAD Pot (Make A Difference pot of money) they won from the Vinnie Chan Award.

One year later, this project has grown into a youth movement with more and more students being involved and Mr. & Mrs. D has since evolved to becoming a flood detector. SMK Tengku Mahmud 2 continues to inspire other schools with their student led initiatives and their Frog Classroom which also serves as a Frog Hub.

By the continued success of this project-based learning project, this school has just won a grant of RM 20,000 from the YTL Foundation Schools Awards to carry on this project at a greater scale.