This year, we are working together with schools, teachers and students to raise the bar in education, by encouraging, guiding and supporting them on their journey in 21st century education. We believe that by transforming traditional classrooms into 21st century spaces, every child has the opportunity to be equipped with knowledge, information and skills that will empower them to be creative communicators, collaborators, and changemakers in their own communities and across the globe.

Through a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education and YTL Foundation, 50 Tamil primary schools (SJKT) across Malaysia received a 21st century education boost with the construction of a Frog Classroom in each school. The Ministry of Education has allocated RM15,000 for each school - half the cost of each Frog Classroom, while YTL Foundation is providing the other RM15,000 in the form of specially made tables and chairs, air-conditioning units and other support.

Yesterday school heads, members of the schools’ Parents Teachers Association and Board of Governors of all 50 schools signed a memorandum of understanding with YTL Foundation, witnessed by YB Dato’ P. Kamalanathan, Deputy Minister of Education and Zaidi Yazid, Head of the BTP, at the BTP Auditorium.

Activating 21st century spaces is a stepping stone in raising the standards of teaching and learning outcomes. Every Frog Classroom is a space for students to learn creatively and also serves as a Frog Hub, a space for teachers in the community to learn and share new classroom experiences. Frog Classrooms are equipped with 4G Internet, computers that provide access to the Frog VLE, as well as hallmark curved tables, designed to create more opportunities for peer-led learning and interaction. 

Find out more on more new and interactive ways where you can raise the bar for your school by joining the Leaps of Knowledge 2018: Level Up! Conference happening on 7 April 2018. Click  here to learn more about the upcoming event!