Enabling 21st century learning is not just about having the right technology in place, but also about having the right teaching and learning tools. Here are some ways you can utilise Frog to continue raising the bar in 21st century education:


Level Up with FrogPlay

The FrogPlay application provides a gamified learning experience through interactive quizzes and games using content (all core subjects across all years) from the Malaysian syllabus. Uncover a burst of possibilities for teachers, students and parents!


Level Up with FrogPlay Community Quizzes

Discover, share and use the endless repository of trusted Community Quizzes created and endorsed by teachers and keep students engaged in their journey towards the 21st century education.


Level Up with FrogPlay Reports

Get insights about students progress.


Level Up by using Frog after school

To encourage learning anytime, anywhere on any device, with our exclusive partnership with Yes 4G, you can now sign up for affordable internet data plans that gives unlimited revision and free access to the Frog VLE.


Level Up through GULAI

With the FrogPlay World Championship: Up Your Game launching, join the GULAI workshop to learn and understand the features and mechanisms of FrogPlay. Learn from other teachers how FrogPlay can be used as a revision application (with pre-built quizzes, mini-games and detailed reports) for students that also empowers teachers to support students’ learning through feedback on students' performance. Also, find out about gamification in education, different gamification elements and steps to gamify your classroom experience.

Find a Hub School near you to join the GULAI workshop and learn more about other Hub Modules. Click  here to begin your journey in 21st century education today!


Level Up as a Frog Advocate

The Frog Advocate Programme allows teachers to learn, share and inspire each other to integrate technology and Frog into day-to-day teaching and learning to create better learning outcomes. Be an Advocate to lead and run Hub workshops that serve as a guide for other teachers to learn and implement the best practices for 21st century teaching and learning.

Click into our website http://frogasia.com/hubs/guruadvokasi and understand more about the roles and different levels of Frog Advocates.


Level Up by being a Hub

Turn your school into a Hub where teachers can gather and learn from one another some of the best practices that have worked in their classrooms and with their students.

Click into our website http://frogasia.com/hubs/aktiviti/hubs to find out how your school can be the next Hub!