FrogAsia follows up on FrogPlay Championship 2017 3rd place winner, reflecting on their memories, successes and plans for the upcoming year.


Through thousands of students and thousands of schools, 3 schools showcased that hard work, motivation, teamwork and community engagement were foundations in winning the first-ever FrogPlay Championships last year.

For SMK Skudai, the dream of winning a nationwide competition became a reality when the school came in 3rd place in the Championship.

Since the FrogPlay Championship in 2017, the lives of teachers and students in SMK Skudai have taken a positive turn. “This journey has been an invaluable experience. I still can’t believe we won third place!” said Mr. Yu Kok Hui, who is a Maths, Moral and ICT teacher to lower secondary students in the school.


FrogPlay Championships was more than just a competition

The winning schools not only walked away with a golden trophy and bragging rights but were also awarded a 3-day technology coding course with Chumbaka for 30 students, worth up to RM6,000.

“The Chumbaka camp was something that my students have never experienced before. As a teacher, I was so amazed to see the untapped potential of my students when they were able to build their own apps, such as a teacher log report app and also an interactive app for learning,” Mr. Yu shared with pride.



Since the championships last year, Mr. Yu continues to utilise the Frog VLE  and encourages his colleagues to use Sites for classroom lessons and evaluate students’ understanding of the lesson through FrogPlay quizzes. With the introduction of FrogPlay Community Quizzes, there are now more teaching and learning materials, even for other subjects such as Moral and ICT.

As a teacher, Mr. Yu finds FrogPlay & Community Quizzes to be very convenient for teachers, as most teachers can easily use existing materials available for their classroom lessons, especially when they have less time to create content.

SMK Skudai has taken initiatives to Level Up their classroom lessons using FrogPlay by setting a timetable for each class to spend a session of teaching and learning in the school’s computer labs.

The school has also started encouraging students to collaborate and communicate more by allocating 10 netbooks in the library. With the netbooks, students have taken the initiative to sit together to discuss and answer questions together.


FrogPlay Champions of SMK Skudai

Ex-SPM students, Ng You Heng and Alif Naim, attest to the positive outcome of joining the FrogPlay Championship and from the frequent usage of FrogPlay.

“Throughout the FrogPlay Championship, I was actively using FrogPlay to win the competition. But unknowingly, FrogPlay had helped me improve in my subjects. My results for Science and Economy had improved from B to A!” said Ng.

Mr. Yu has also seen outstanding improvement in his ICT students. “Most of my ICT students were underachieving in the subject. But since using FrogPlay, most of them have obtained B and some of them have even obtained A! ICT is not an easy subject, which is why I’m really surprised that they had improved so much.”

Not only has the FrogPlay Championship instilled the habit of independent learning in students, Mr. Yu also highlights that his students are more confident in answering questions in class after using FrogPlay.


Froggy Tips from our Champions

With the FrogPlay World Championships 2018 now taking place, here are some tips and tricks shared by SMK Skudai for schools and students competing in the Championships: