FrogAsia caught up with SK Binjai, FrogPlay Championship 2017 2nd place winner and discovered it was more than just skills and interest that took them to the top.


Our conversation with SK Binjai was truly an inspiring and eye-opening experience. Not only did this school showcase hard work and motivation, but they were the embodiment of community engagement - one of the pillars of success especially where education is concerned.

“We were definitely very happy and so surprised that SK Binjai was announced the 2nd place winner for the Championships! Getting 2nd place was a big deal for us because we never thought that we would be in the Top 10,” said Cikgu Asmah, Frog admin for the school.


FrogPlay Championships Spark Collective Community Effort

SK Binjai displayed an immense collaborative effort between the school community and parents through the Parent Teacher Association (PIBG). The Championships brought the entire community together to encourage students to login and use the FrogPlay app for independent learning and revision.

Last year, the PIBG showed support to encourage students by sponsoring 2 Samsung tablets and 6 bicycles worth up to RM4,000 as prizes for the school’s self-organized FrogPlay Championship mini challenges. The tablets went to the overall highest achieving student from lower and upper primary, while the bicycles went to highest achieving students from Year 1 to Year 6.

This year, the PIBG is determined more than ever to continue their strong presence in supporting the school by organizing a Frog Carnival to help raise funds for more Chromebooks.


Level Up With FrogPlay!

The FrogPlay Championships has helped improve teaching and learning and making classroom lessons more immersive and interesting with FrogPlay. “Since the Championships, teachers have been using FrogPlay more and rely on the quizzes available to continue to make teaching and learning interesting,” said Cikgu Asmah.

Now with the new feature of FrogPlay Community Quizzes, teachers have more access to customized quizzes available for students across all levels. “Sometimes teachers don’t have much time to create our own quizzes. So this is where the FrogPlay Community Quizzes have helped us. The scope of questions in the quizzes are also relevant to the national education syllabus,” Cikgu Asmah added.

SK Binjai has also encouraged teachers to contribute to FrogPlay Community Quizzes by having teachers create 2 sets of quizzes according to the selected subject of the month.


Putting the Fun in Learning with FrogPlay

Through her experience as a teacher to underperforming students in SK Binjai, Cikgu Asmah shared that her students showcased more interest in learning again through FrogPlay.

“When I hand-out quizzes on paper, I notice that my students are not interested to even answer the questions. But when I created a FrogPlay quiz with the exact same questions, my students become so invested in getting the answers right!”

When students were asked why, they said, “If we answer wrongly, we can’t play games. So we are very careful in understanding the questions and finding out the right answer so that we can play games.” Students shared that their favourite FrogPlay games are Quackshot and Whack The Monkey.


Froggy Tips from Our Champions

With many schools now participating in the FrogPlay World Championships 2018, we asked Cikgu Asmah to share some words of encouragement: