If you truly want to do something, you will always be able to find a way to do it, despite the challenges and obstacles faced. This was seen through the efforts of teachers and the Parent Teacher Association (PIBG) of SK Pomotodon to enhance and improve the teaching and learning environment of the school.

In 1974, SK Pomotodon started as a wooden-structured school in the rural areas of Kota Kinabalu. Only few years back did the school finally have a concrete building which was meant to be the computer lab. However, the Headmaster made a different call by converting the new building into the staff room because there was no more available space within the wooden structure of the school.

With 273 students and 31 teachers in the school, every classroom is fully utilised. Although facilities in the school are not conducive, teachers and parents are still motivated to give students the best learning environment.

In April 2017, through the 1BestariNet project, the school internet connectivity was upgraded from relying on satellite (VSAT) speeds to high speed 4G connectivity. VSAT to 4G. At the time, the school was using 1Malaysia laptops and they were very slow. Penolong Kanan of the school, Cikgu Mazlan, sought help from Pusat Kegiatan Guru (PKG) to deprogram unnecessary applications in the laptops.

Once the laptops were running smoothly, Cikgu Mazlan began encouraging teachers and students to use FrogPlay to enhance teaching and learning outcomes during class. Sadly, there was no space available to accommodate the students for ICT lessons. Lessons using laptops were often conducted in the school hall or staff room, but there were no extra tables and chairs available, so students had to sit on the floor. This situation was not ideal in the long-run, and thus, set Cikgu Mazlan on a mission to do something about it.

He heard about the Frog Classroom Programme and was inspired to get a Frog Classroom for the school.  The PIBG supported this by funding the materials for the Frog Classroom while teachers worked on getting the space ready during the school holidays. Just right before the New Year, the signature curved tables and colourful chairs arrived from YTL Foundation and the Frog Classroom was ready!

Since then, the school has been thriving in its use of the Frog VLE. The school also has plans to share its Frog Classroom facilities with other schools within the area.

We are extremely proud and inspired by the dedication and motivation of teachers and parents of SK Pomotodon. Well done and congratulations on your new Frog Classroom!