What a world-wind of events it has been! Since its launch at the Leaps of Knowledge 2018: Level Up! conference, the FrogPlay World Championships 2018 was a huge success! We themed the FrogPlay World Championships 2018, “Up Your Game!”, to drive students to play more and learn more. Due to the success of last year’s FrogPlay Championships and its impact, we raised the bar this year and took the competition to a world stage.

We are so proud to announce our World Champions! Congratulations SJK(C) Choong Cheng (MY), SK Taman Bukit Indah (MY) and Yardleys School (UK) for your outstanding performance! We would also like to give a special shoutout to SK Sungai Lalang (MY), SK (Felda) Lok Heng Selatan (MY) and Talbot County Public Schools (US) for their commendable efforts.


Using ready-made teaching and learning content, and through the Championships, we saw a 46% increase in subject results! Primary schools saw between 10 - 12% increase in subject scores, especially for Science, while secondary schools saw between 16 - 46% increase in subject scores, especially for Chemistry. The Championships resulted in almost 70% of all schools (6,911) and  673,000 students using Frog for teaching and learning by doing more than 3 million quizzes and spending 2 million hours learning on Frog. But what does this improvement look like in real schools? The following 4 schools illustrate the impact that schools have seen in using Frog.



Frog enabled SK Sungai Lalang to increase student performance in just 2 months, using customised quizzes and monitoring of progress. The school identified 18 students who previously failed all subjects in March. Students went through a programme created by the school called ‘Frog Clinic’, where students were completing quizzes made especially for them by teachers in class, and were revising independently at home. By the end of 2 months, all students improved their scores, and 9 of these struggling students have passed all their subjects for the first time!



Frog enabled a small school to make a huge impact in creating content for students, within their school and within the state of Kedah. SJK(C) Choong Cheng is a Sekolah Kurang Murid with only 56 students and 12 teachers. Those teachers were dedicated to not leave any students behind in the Frog Championships, and realised they needed to pull together to create Chinese-language content for students. Teachers created 2,905 quizzes in 30 days, by setting a daily target of 10 quizzes day.

When the District Officer (MOE Coach) saw their success, he set up a workshop that enabled SJK(C) Choong Cheng to train 25 other SJKCs (Bengkel Membina Soalan Bagi Matapelajaran Bahasa Cina) on how to create and use quizzes to improve students’ progress. This small school made a huge impact on their own students by creating learning content, and on their community by spreading their knowledge.



Frog can be used anytime, anywhere by everyone to practice 21st Century learning. SK Taman Bukit Indah used Frog both in school and at home, within and outside school hours to maximise teaching and learning. Before school starts, students can use the computer lab to study. During school hours, a schedule was created to enable every class to use Frog at least once a week. After school, teachers came together in workshops to build quizzes questions for students. At home, students completed quizzes as homework and revise independently, supported by their parents. The schools has seen percentage of learning with Frog in both during and outside of school hours. 39% outside of schools hours and 61% within schools hours.



Frog inspired SK (Felda) Lok Heng Selatan to bring the community together to support students and bridge the digital divide. The school started a Frog VLE Squad of 5 teachers living within the area, who visited parents who have low ICT skills at their homes to assist them at any time. The school also collaborated with 1Malaysia Internet Centre to enable students who do not have devices at home to use Frog at the Internet Centre, and to hold workshops to educate parents and students on how to use Frog and technology in teaching and learning. This enabled many students and parents in the community to use technology for the first time in education, which has helped students to increase their performance.

Staying true to our vision, to ensure that no school gets left behind, the Frog Championships is a great platform to propel a student’s journey of evolving at their own pace in a fun, meaningful way. We are inspired and encouraged to see such great improvement in schools throughout the nation. Congratulations once again to our winners and keep up the good work!