Just when you thought the excitement from the FrogPlay World Championships are over, we are bringing you more! Starting this month, FrogAsia is launching a series of monthly challenges that are aimed to help students learn more and improve their grades through gamified-learning.

The Frog Championships: Level Up! is a series of subject-based competitions to give students a boost in their core subjects, Math, English and Science, by providing high quality content and quizzes for revision. In line with this year’s Leaps of Knowledge Conference: Level Up! for educators, Frog Championships turn its attention to students by motivating them to take ownership of their learning in a fun and meaningful way.


This month from 6 August to 2 September, we are kicking off the Frog Championships with Level Up: Math! For these series of monthly challenges, we are introducing Boost, a repository of high-quality Sites curated by FrogAsia, in collaboration with Pelangi Publishing Group and Frog Advocate Teachers. Learning through Boost Sites is just a start! Students can continue to revise with over 650,000 ready-to-use quizzes to improve, through gamified-learning in and out of the classroom.

And hey, what’s a competition without prizes! Winners of our monthly challenges will win Pelangi book vouchers, exclusive Frog merchandise and a certificate of recognition as a Frog Championships victor! Visit www.frogchampionships.com to find out more.

So students, what are you waiting for? Login now to Play, Improve and Win!