FrogAsia caught up with SK Sungai Lalang, a Special Mention Winner for the FrogPlay World Championships 2018, to find out more on how Frog has a made a difference in the school.

Proud participants of the FrogPlay World Championships 2018!

Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Lalang is located in Bedong, Sungai Petani in Kedah. The school has over 700 students and about 50 teachers. The school was awarded as one of the best schools in the Kuala Muda Yan district for consistently using Frog and Frog Admin, Puan Nur ‘Izzatie Mohd Zin, was awarded as the best Frog user in the district for Ikon Guru Penyelaras ICT/Bestari. Last year during the FrogPlay Championship, the school was given a special mention for its honourable efforts and best practices throughout the competition. This year, the school made it to the Top 10 on a national level in the FrogPlay World Championships and gained a special mention for their commendable efforts.

Puan Nur 'Izzatie Bt Mohd Zin, Frog Admin and Gold Advocate, SK Sungai Lalang

The school started its journey with Frog in 2016 when Puan Nur ‘Izzatie attended the first Hubs session conducted in Kedah. It was then that sparked her motivation to bring change to her school’s education through Frog. She was committed to using Frog in school and also encouraged other teachers to use Frog as well. After gaining more exposure through sharing and learning sessions from Hubs, she motivated teachers and students to participate actively in the FrogPlay Championship 2017. Her dedication and determination gained attention and support from the senior leadership team as well as other teachers who began to adopt Frog.

Puan Nur ‘Izzatie, who is now an active Gold Advocate, is the main driver for the school’s success in cultivating the use of Frog to the entire school and surrounding local community as well.


Frog is making a difference in teaching & learning

Teaching and learning in SK Sungai Lalang has since evolved through the successful implementation of Frog into the school’s education system and culture. The school created a computer lab timetable for each class to encourage the use of Frog on a regular basis. The school also opened up the computer lab on weekend afternoons for students without devices or internet access at home to have the opportunity to use Frog.

Students learning with Frog

Student Progress

Since using Frog in teaching and learning, students’ results have shown significant improvement, especially in English, Maths and Science. Students have also developed a more proficient vocabulary in English and Arabic through customized quizzes created by teachers through FrogPlay.

Not only that, students have gained more confidence in conversing in English with great improvement in grammar compared to before when they were hesitant and shy to speak to even speak the language. Students in remove classes who used to have difficulty in learning are able to understand better through interactive lessons conducted using the Frog VLE.

A Tool For Teachers To Teacher Better

Students were not the only ones who benefited from Frog, but teachers as well. Teachers find it easier to prepare and conduct lessons by using Frog and are becoming more skilled in incorporating technology into teaching and learning. Frog has helped teachers be more creative in producing content for classroom lessons by customizing Sites and creating new quizzes on FrogPlay for different subjects.


Frog is making a difference in community engagement

Students going through Frog and Chromebook training

To enhance the Frog culture within the community, SK Sungai Lalang has distributed YES IDs to all teachers and students. Trainings have been conducted for students on how to use the Chromebook and how to login to the Frog VLE. Teachers have also received training on how to produce Sites in the early stages, and later on, were trained on how to create quizzes on FrogPlay.

Parents Are More Connected With What Is Happening In School

In order to gain better support and  increase the use of Frog in school, the school has distributed YES IDs to parents as well during Parent Teacher Association (PIBG) meetings. This is to encourage parents to stay connected with their children’s progress and also with what is happening in school.


"If we do not give knowledge and opportunity to students to get to know and use the Frog VLE, they will be far behind compared to others who are fully equipped and exposed with the technology in education."
Puan Nur 'Izzatie Bt Mohd Zin, Frog Admin and Gold Advocate