Maths is a very important subject in school but most students find it challenging because the subject is perceived to be boring with certain terms being quite confusing. Even so, there are a variety of methods teachers and parents can utilise to help students better understand Maths. Here are some quick steps to help struggling students improve in solving math equations and understanding the core concepts.

do not memorize!

A lot of students tend to memorize instead of understanding math as an easy way to get by the subject. But what they don’t realise is that memorization gets in the way of learning. It is important that teachers and even parents spend some time to explain the why behind math concepts, procedures or sequences, and not just focus on the how.

Learn to understand!

Maths is not an easy subject and in order for students to master it, they need to start by understanding it. There are many different levels of difficulty in Maths and it is important that a student begins understanding Maths at a level that they can understand.

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Don't be passive, be active!

Start actively engaging students’ in other concepts while working on more complicated concepts to help them better understand and draw the connection between the many concepts in Maths. The more connection a student makes, the greater that student’s understanding will be.

Practice, practice, practice!

There are different levels of difficulty math concepts, so it is important that students start from wherever their level of understanding are and build on core concepts before moving forward to more difficult levels. 

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