FrogAsia believes in a world where everyone loves learning and where technology removes boundaries. This year, we decided to bring kLeaps to Kedah to enable more educators, students and parents to raise the bar in education together and inspire and encourage the Kedah community in 21st Century learning. In case you didn’t know, kLeaps is an extension of our annual Leaps of Knowledge Conference, aimed to inspire, equip and empower Malaysians to collaboratively and collectively do more to raise the bar in education.

kLeaps featured two workshop sessions where educators and parents were able to experience the features of Frog and learn how to best utilise them in teaching and learning, besides also experiencing a sharing session by Kedah’s very own Gold Advocate Teachers on their best practices and personal experiences with Frog. Among those sharing their experiences include Ms Chew Soo Lee from SJK(C) Choong Cheng (Champion of FrogPlay World Championship 2018), Ms Eu Su Tiang from SK Petani Jaya (1st Runner Up Country Winner) and Puan Nur ‘Izzatie Md Zin from SK Sungai Lalang that won a Special Mention in the recent FrogPlay World Championships. 

Meanwhile, the kLeaps Carnival, which was open to all members of the school community, showcased the features of Frog through various booths and demonstrations, including demonstrations of how to join and win the Frog Championships, using FrogPlay and Boost, a repository of high-quality sites curated by FrogAsia in collaboration with Pelangi Publishing Group and Frog Advocate Teachers. 

10 selected schools from Kedah showcased how they have successfully implemented Frog in their schools. They set up Boost Sites to teach participants on Global Goals and ran mini games for participants to earn stamps to compete in the kLeaps Challenge. Crowds of students lined up to learn about the Global Goals and play the games organised by the schools. They then proceeded to a quiz booth where they can take a quiz to earn points that contribute to their school’s score on the kLeaps Leaderboard.

FrogAsia also made it possible for students from 24 selected schools in the Baling district, where the university is located, to attend kLeaps. The schools, which all had a large number of students from low-income families, received 20 coupon booklets each, which enabled deserving students to take part in the kLeaps Carnival.

The support we received from the State Education Department as well as educators, parents and students here in Kedah for kLeaps was overwhelming! It shows the need for events and spaces to gather the community to share and learn from each other to inspire and empower teachers as they continue to use technology in the classroom. We are excited to see schools in Kedah continue to level up with technology and Frog.