kLeaps Kedah was a huge success! We just want to thank all 4,000 students, teachers and parents again for your amazing enthusiasm and active participation in the workshops, sharing sessions and kLeaps Carnival. This major event wouldn’t have gone so well without your wonderful support! If you missed out on kLeaps Kedah, click  here to read all about it.


While in Kedah, we took the opportunity to visit schools to have an on-ground experience of what schools in Kedah are doing with Frog. We dropped by SMK St Michael in Alor Setar and got a chance to sit in on a lesson conducted in the Frog Classroom and also had a meaningful sharing session with teachers.

Here are 3 interesting ways SMK St Michael uses Frog in teaching and learning:

Transforming a classroom

The school has a Media Room that is inspired by the effectiveness of a Frog Classroom. "Frog Classroom allows better 21st Century learning for students. Students are more engaged in learning and have better interaction with one another," said Headmistress Madam Chua Jock Cheng. At the time of our visit, Form 5 students were completing their Math quizzes on FrogPlay.

Using videos for experiments

Physics teacher Mr Lai King Fuat showed real life collision and explosions through videos embedded in Sites.  “I use Frog to show examples of experiments that I cannot do in the lab, like those involving gunshots, explosives and collision,” said Mr Lai.

Using Frog in Art Classes

Art teacher Puan Aimi utilises Frog in her art lessons to help students learn art techniques at their own pace. “During class, I share Sites with videos so that students can learn at their own pace as they can pause or repeat the videos while they learn,” said Puan Aimi.

Thank you, SMK St Michael, for having us! Click  here to read more on how SMK St Michael has made a difference with Frog in teaching and learning as well as community engagement.