We are just two weeks away before announcing the winners for the Frog Championships Level Up: Maths challenge! How are you doing in Maths so far? We hope you are having fun!

Here are a few fun ways to make Maths MORE FUN in the class:

Roll the dice

If a dice can be used for fun board games, why not use it for Maths and make it fun! Whether students are practicing addition, multiplication or fractions, try having students create their own math equations by rolling the dice. Teachers, this can also be a fun way to put together homework assignments!

Draw a Waldorf Flower

This is a creative and artistic way for students to practice multiplication. To play, start with the center of the flower by writing any number from 1 to 9. Next, draw 12 petals around the center and label them from numbers 1 to 12. Lastly, draw another set of 12 petals above and write the product of the center number and the numbers on the petal.

One-Meter Dash

This game helps students improve in understanding measuring units. To play, divide students into groups and give each group a meter stick. Then, ask them to look around the room for items that they think can add up to one meter long. Students are to measure and record down the items, adding up the measurements to get closest to a meter. Want to make it more challenging? Give students a centimeter-mark instead of a metre and have students convert the results to millimeters!

Stand Up/Sit Down

This is a fun ice-breaker that teachers can play before lessons. The rules are simple! If teacher gives the number 10, students stand up. Any other number, students sit down. But the trick is to convert it into a math equation where teacher will say “7+3” or “14-5” and students have to solve the equation to figure out if they are suppose to sit or stand! Teachers can make it more challenging by using different variations - stand when the number is larger than 5 and sit if it is 5 or below; stand when the number is even and sit when it is odd.

Math Bingo!

We all know Bingo, but let’s give it a twist! Create a set of Bingo cards that contain answers to different math equations. Then, hand them out to students and give them a separate sheet for calculation. Instead of calling out random numbers like in the classic Bingo, teachers are to call out math equations such as “8x7”. After determining the product is 56, students can check off the number if it’s on their cards.

Now that students are all warmed up, they are ready to face the Level Up: Maths challenge! Login to FrogPlay and start completing those math quizzes. The more quizzes students complete, the higher chance they stand to win! Click on www.frogchampionships.com to find out more on student, teacher and even school prizes. Competition ends on 2nd September.